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"Intelligent question answering and deep learning" accelerates the popularization of natural language understanding technology

wind and rain send spring back, and snow ushers in spring. It is already a hundred feet of ice on the cliff, and it is still beautiful. Qiao does not fight for spring, but only reports spring. When the flowers were blooming, she laughed in the bushes

"intelligent Q & A and in-depth learning" is selected as the most insightful AI selected book of jd.com. Up to now, the book has received 7688 comments, with a 98% positive rating. The most popular comment on this book is the detailed description of classical algorithms, citing a large number of formulas, and the clarification of the relationship between AI, information theory and communication principles. Some comments are excerpted below

friend a: this book introduces the achievements of natural language processing and machine reading in recent years, with detailed examples, which has a good reference for practical applications. This paper introduces the application of artificial intelligence in text tasks from simple to deep

friend B: the book has a beautiful design, comprehensive content, clear structure, and clear organization. It is a very good book

friend C: I'm playing a game recently, but I don't know many knowledge points. Reading the paper is too time-consuming and boring. If I read the blog by wiping the antirust oil, some knowledge points are not written in detail, so I bought this book. It's very good, the content is very detailed, the explanation of the algorithm principle is very clear, and there are many cases, which are great

friend D: it's a good reference book for unit purchasing, which is designated by the boss of the R & D department

Friend e: suitable for beginners, very comprehensive

1 a complete industry will be cultivated in a short period of two years

in this regard, the author team of intelligent Q & A and in-depth learning, Wang Hailiang, CEO of chatopera, said that it is a great honor to publish this book in cooperation with the electronic industry press, which can get everyone's support and encouragement, increase the motivation of the authors' work, and contribute to China's becoming a powerful artificial intelligence country

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(4) start the experimental machine

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