Popular boxed high-end wine in the hottest market

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According to American media reports, boxed wine has accounted for 15% to 20% of wine sales in the U.S. market. Now some award-winning top wines are also popular to be sold in boxes

boxed wine is usually packed in bags and then boxed. The plastic bag of sealed wine is attached like a faucet; Zhao Xizi said that the switch can make the problem of short circuit of the electronic universal experimental machine come out, and prevent the air from entering, so as not to detract from the flavor of the wine. Cato, CEO of California's delicato family vineyard, said, "once you taste the flavor of premium bagged wine, you will be fascinated.". Delicato boxed the winning wines, including Shiraz wine, which was highly praised by experts

American boxed wine is replaced by bags made of PP, ABS and other materials. It is a packaging invented for battery water in the 1950s. In the past few years, it has been improved by Jinan manufacturer of shoe anti-skid testing machine, and a switch has been designed to improve its function. The box is easy to carry, low production cost, can be recycled, and can save space. Especially favored by consumers, boxed wine can be stored for more than a month after opening, which is very convenient for people who only drink a glass occasionally, while bottled wine can only be stored for a few days after opening

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