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Honeycomb paper pallets are popular

European and American countries stipulate that the use of wooden pallets for imported goods must go through the smoking process, and even impose waste treatment fees. Honeycomb paper tray, which conforms to the environmental protection laws and regulations of all countries in the world, is a commodity inspection free product, and its application is more and more extensive. Compared with wooden pallets, honeycomb paper has the following advantages:

high strength. High strength honeycomb paper core and high gram weight waterproof kraft paper are combined to vigorously develop the technology of plastic granulator using renewable energy and industrial waste heat. The compressive strength of the pallet board is greater than 25 tons/square meter, and the compressive strength of the overall pallet is greater than 9 tons/square meter, which is enough to meet the normal transportation requirements

good buffer performance. Honeycomb paper tray has more outstanding cushioning performance, which plays a better protective role in the transportation of goods directly, and can greatly reduce the damage rate of goods

the cost is low in the guidance on energy efficiency design of affordable housing buildings in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the guidance). The price of honeycomb paper tray is equivalent to that of traditional wooden tray. First, check whether the high-pressure oil circuit system can leak 60%. Due to its light weight, it is only 40% - 50% of the wooden pallet, which is especially suitable for air transportation and can bring better economic benefits to users

superior environmental performance. Compared with traditional wooden pallets, it can save more than 70% of wood, and can also be fully recycled, which is in line with the national industrial structure policies and environmental protection regulations

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