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Micro corrugated box is popular in the digital product packaging market

motorola: micro corrugated box perfectly interprets beauty and protection

motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd. has always used e-or f-corrugated color box packaging for its products. Miss Ni of the packaging development department said that due to the small corrugated box, the produced cartons are compact and exquisite, which is very consistent with the characteristics of small volume; At the same time, micro corrugated supports high-quality printing. After seven or eight color offset printing and varnish coating, the micro corrugated box has strong color expression ability, so it can better highlight the beauty of the content and enhance the shelf effect of the product; In addition, this kind of micro corrugated box has passed the special experiments of friction and compression resistance of Motorola in harsh environments, ensuring that all physical indicators are finally displayed in the measurement interface in a graphical manner to meet the requirements

Kodak: E-box has both high compressive strength and low cost

Kodak (China has overturned people's previous impression of being difficult to degrade and high pollution) Co., Ltd. uses E-box for some small products, such as X-ray films. Miss Zeng of Kodak packaging department said that this kind of micro corrugated box has high compressive strength and better protection performance for products. At the same time, the e-corrugated box can achieve the effect of using lighter raw materials to obtain greater packaging strength, so the packaging cost is more economical and reasonable. Miss Zeng also said that the small and exquisite appearance of the packaging box is also an important reason for Kodak's favor

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