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Popular lecture on chemical product packaging

friends in the chemical industry, although you are particularly proficient in the chemical products you sell, you should know more about the packaging related to chemical industry. I think in this rapidly changing era, this is only good and not bad. If you must believe that Dionysus is not afraid of the iron rule of deep alleys, you can stop it when you see it. This article is written by mouyi (MOU Weiguo), who has been in the field of chemical packaging for many years! I dare say that I am the first to publish such an easy to understand and unreservedly wordy article on chemical packaging

this article is still written from the perspective of the packaging of granular and powdery solid chemicals. Otherwise, the span is too wide, and I can't complete it with my own modest efforts. The writing time is also in a hurry, so please forgive me for any inappropriate places in the writing, and look forward to your filling and correction. Where there are words, there are advertisements, so this article involves the elements of advertisements, please understand

I. packages classified according to the weight

1, 25kg bags. This name is only an appellation, and does not mean that any chemical product is 25kg/package. The specific amount of packaging needs to be divided according to the characteristics of chemical products, customers' usage habits and other factors. For example, calcium chloride products exported to the United States are usually 50 pounds (about 22.7 kg)/bag, which is mainly related to the measurement habits of the United States. In addition, in the white carbon black industry, because the product density is particularly small, in order to avoid too large a volume after packaging, it is customary to pack 10 kg/bag or 15 kg/bag. In some products, 50kg/bag is also a common packaging form

in the packaging of granular or powdered chemicals, the majority is still 25 kg/package. For example: PVC, polyethylene, etc. It's time to review primary school arithmetic: 25 kg/bag *40 bags = 1000 kg = 1 ton

in the 25kg package, there are paper barrels (boxes), plastic barrels (cans), iron barrels (cans), lead barrels, cloth bags, etc. I won't say much about the difference between barrels and cans. Here I specially talk about paper barrels. Strictly speaking, paper barrels need no metal around the whole body. In the early traditional paper barrels, there are metal rings at the upper and lower ends, so when you export paper barrels, you must confirm with customers here

2. There are tons of bags in special packaging. It is used to pack large bags of more than 100 kg, such as 400 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg, etc. The advantage of ton packaging is that it can save the cost of packaging; It is also convenient for customers to feed. The typical industry is PTA, which uses ton packaging. Because it needs to bear a lot of weight, the material of the bag is PP polypropylene wire drawing woven, and PE polyethylene lined bags can be optionally added as needed. There are thousands of kinds of ton packaging. I don't know much about it, but I have an expert friend of ton packaging. The characteristics of ton bags she supplies are: good quality, high price and large quantity

3. Small dose packaging includes: plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. These are usually in ml or G units, which are really small packages. Literacy time is up - here ml means ml, not XX

4. Tank car. This is already a huge package, usually containing liquid chemicals, so I won't be wordy

II. Classification of single material and composite material

1. PP polypropylene, alias: snake skin bag, woven bag, polypropylene bag. It is used most in the fertilizer and early ethylene industries. The four characteristics of this bag are: poor sealing, high strength, extremely low price, and extremely old-fashioned appearance and material form. In actual use, the bag is usually lined with a PE bag (thickness ranging from 5-10 wires), and also coated with a layer of PE (BOPP) film on the outside (inside) to increase its sealing aesthetic performance. Square gram weight, Danny, 10*10 and other data units are the unique parameters of this bag

2. LDPE high pressure low density polyethylene. Speaking of the bag, we must mention the single-layer thickness unit of the film of the bag. First, literacy: 18 wires =0.18 mm mm mm=180 microns ц m。 Mouyi Mou. At present, LDPE Bags have been used by ethylene manufacturers in the new phase of production in China. I am specialized in the promotion and sales of this packaging bag

3. HDPE low pressure high density polyethylene. The most commonly used place in the chemical industry is to act as a lining bag

4. Multilayer paper. Titanium dioxide is widely used in the industry. When it is used in paper mills, it is even fed in a whole package with packaging

5. Paper +pe composite bag, paper +pp woven composite bag, paper + aluminum foil bag composite bag. The first two are widely used in chemical industry, such as ABS, PVC, etc

6. Bopp+pp composite bags, such as rice and chemical fertilizer packaging bags, are characterized by infinite exquisite printing

7. Paper +pe inner bag. It is not tightly compounded, but a PE bag lined with a paper bag

8. Carton +pe inner bag. This is used most in dye, essence and other industries

9. Others: metal, PVC, BOPP, CPP, wood, straw rope, and staggered composite of various materials

10. According to the special requirements of customers, anti ultraviolet, anti-static and other reagents can be added to the packaging bag

for the name of the packaging product described above, I also have the English name here. If you need it, please contact me

international general packaging material classification previously published. Paste it here again:

the first type of packaging PET: engineering plastic polyester. Mineral water bottles, coca cola bottles, Pepsi bottles, bottle caps do not belong to this material

the second type of packaging HDPE: low pressure high density polyethylene. Can directly contact food, large supermarket vest bag

the third kind of packaging paper: paper. This refers to pure paper, not compounded with other materials

the fourth type of packaging LDPE: high pressure low density polyethylene. At present, the packaging bag made of this material is a trend in the chemical industry

the fifth type of packaging PP: polypropylene. If snake skin bags (woven bags), they are mostly used for cheap products such as rice and fertilizer

PS of the sixth type of packaging: polystyrene. White bubble film and some bowls used in microwave ovens are common in life

category VII packaging other. In addition to the above six categories, we list other packaging, including all composite materials packaging, such as paper plastic bags

III. classification of packaging types

1, ordinary type. Commonly known as pillow bag, it means that after packing the materials, the four corners are pointed and look around

2, m-fold type. There are m folds on both sides of the bag. The package is beautiful after molding

3. Square bottom valve pocket type. The shape of the valve pocket after packing the materials is like a cigarette box. The bag is characterized by automatic sealing after filling the materials. In addition, there are square bottom open pockets and m-fold valve pockets

on the bag body of the above packaging bags, it is also divided into barrel materials and sheet materials. Barrel refers to directly making into barrel during film blowing and circular weaving and then making bags; Flake is pasted into barrel shape with glue and then made into bag. In the packaging line, it is called back sealed bag. The one-time light proof infusion set produced by extrusion and injection molding process in this project is processed from double-layer materials, and some aluminum foil bags are also sealed from three sides

IV. classify from the seal of the packaging bag

1. Suture. The packages with stitches include: PP woven bags, paper plastic bags, paper bags, etc

2. Heat sealing. The packages with heat sealing include: PE bags, hot melt adhesive bags, aluminum foil bags, etc

3. Unsealed or self sealing pockets. There are: square bottom valve pocket

4. Paste type. It is all kinds of packaging bags with double-sided adhesive tape at the mouth of the bag, which is rarely used

in particular, when unpacking and packaging suture bags, customers often encounter the situation that thread ends are mixed with products, which affects the quality of products. PP woven bags also have the possibility of PP silk mixed into products

v. classification from printing

1. Print the trademark, product name, contact information, etc. of your company. We must be simple and generous in design. I have designed packaging layout for many enterprises, so I also have some experience in this regard

2. Neutral packaging. Only simple information such as product name, net weight, precautions, etc. will be printed, and the contact information, trademark, company name, etc. of the manufacturer will not be printed, or simply nothing will be printed, blank bags. This kind of packaging is mainly to take care of the interests of middlemen, which is also the practice of many manufacturers. In order to live, it is not what you want to wear less or no clothes

3. According to the designated layout printing (OEM) required by the customer. In this regard, I would like to say a few words to merchants and packaging colleagues to prevent whether this kind of printing infringes, so we must require the written authorization of the customer, and make it clear that the customer is responsible for all the consequences caused

4. Those who privately counterfeit others' trademarks, Congratulations, you have become a qualified enemy of the people

VI. closest partners with packaging: tray, wrapping film (heat shrinkable film)

the size of the outer package of most export products must be designed around the size of pallets and containers. After the pallets are stacked, the wrapping film or heat shrinkable film can play the role of beauty, reinforcement and dust prevention. Some customers use large cartons on pallets, and then put 25 kg/bag of products in cartons

the stacking method of pallets is also pp/epdm There are many T20 or pp/pe. After combining factors such as product stacking density, pallet size, container and so on, there must be only one most reasonable way. The rationality here is mainly for loading more goods in the limited container space and the firmness of the products stacked on the pallet. For this reason, I worked hard to design the size for the customer, and then I recovered after some reward

VII. Packaging of dangerous chemicals

goods are divided into dangerous goods and general goods. General goods are mainly divided into food (Medicine) and non food (Medicine)

you need to find a suitable qualified packer to provide services according to the characteristics of your products

VIII. Classification of packaging functions

the most original function of packaging is to hold products. Later, it gradually developed into: moisture-proof, rust proof, shock proof, filling (nitrogen is more) gas, pumping (vacuum), anti-counterfeiting and so on. At present, the relatively new packaging includes: inflatable bags to avoid the inclination of goods in containers; The plastic packaging bag of purified water is used to replace the current plastic bucket of barreled water

IX. packaging and counterfeiting

when we drink coke, we find that the bottom of the bottle cap is always separated from a circle of plastic, which is the most basic function of packaging. It is irreparable after being damaged; If the plastic ring is broken but connected to the bottle cap, it is because the material of the bottle cap is different from that of the bottle body, which is conducive to the convenience of recycling the bottle and bottle body; This circle of plastic is connected to the bottle cap, which also fully reflects the subtle contribution of these large enterprises to the cause of environmental protection - the bottle body should be recycled, the bottle cap should also be recycled, and this small circle should also be recycled with the bottle cap. This detail is also reflected in the pull ring on Wang Laoji's can

therefore, when you use packaging, especially when domestic sales need to go through distributors, the packaging of your products must have this most basic function - unrecoverable after damage. A few years ago, a well-known chemical plant in China because

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