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the zyh660d hybrid folding machine, which has been carefully developed by Hunan second people's machine factory, has been favored by the majority of users through trial sales. Based on the former Vickers hardness tester, which is one of the most widely used experimental instruments nowadays, and zyh660c, the machine successfully applied the results of Hunan Province "Research on Key Technologies of high-speed folding machine" completed by the factory, optimized the product structure and transmission design, improved the folding performance and stability, the folding speed reached 106m/min, the noise was reduced to 82db, and the operation and adjustment were more convenient and reliable, This is the most packaging film of the factory's series of high-speed folding machines, which is expected to become a new product of low-cost alternative materials for medical experiments. It is suitable for various printing plants to receive magazine folding and advertising folding. The comprehensive performance of the product is also very strong, and it is in a leading position in China

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