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The civilian luxury packaging in the moon cake market is not extinct

the Mid Autumn Festival will be in more than ten days. Yesterday, strolling through the moon cake market, I found that merchants from all walks of life had begun to deliver goods on a large scale. Different from previous years, "luxury moon cakes" are sold in major shopping malls and supermarkets, but the real "protagonist" is medium and low-grade moon cakes. The civilian characteristics of the moon cake market have been obvious

in the moon cake sales department downstairs of Huangcheng hotel in the old city, the moon cakes are "paperback", which are packaged separately with transparent plastic paper. A moon cake ranges from more than 2 yuan to more than 8 yuan, attracting many customers. The price of mooncakes sold by Zhang liangmai in laojida is also not high. The dealer said that the four central ministries and commissions jointly issued a document to regulate the mooncake market and put forward strict restrictions on the packaging of mooncakes, which we should implement

Mr. Zhao, who is buying moon cakes, said that he likes moon cakes with "civilian faces". He usually buys moon cakes of dozens to more than 100 yuan a year, and never buys those with luxurious packaging and expensive prices

Ms. Li, who is also buying moon cakes, believes that limiting the luxury packaging of moon cakes can enable businesses to spend more energy on product quality and produce moon cakes that reassure people. Salespersons also reported that banning the sale of "sky high priced moon cakes" is conducive to benign competition in this industry

however, some manufacturers are against the wind. It was found that some manufacturers of lightweight materials rented places to sell in large shopping malls and supermarkets. In order to attract attention, they made an article on the packaging of moon cakes. For example, a luxurious packaging box made of household rosewood from a factory in Guangdong, a box of moon cakes is priced at 1180 yuan, another one is 666 yuan, there are moon cakes of 880 yuan and 488 yuan, and some tie-in other goods at the same time. Ask them why they sell "sky high priced moon cakes", and the salesperson is plausible: if moon cakes want to be innovative, they can only work hard on the packaging

according to industry estimates, the outer packaging of "sky high price moon cakes" accounts for 70% of the total cost, and some are higher, and these packaging costs should be added to consumers. Many moon cake packaging boxes are made of precious wood, which is the safest means of transportation in the world. For example, the choice of experimental speed can't be recycled after use. The packaging worth dozens of yuan is thrown away, causing great waste. China consumes a lot of wood, metal, cardboard, plastic and so on every year due to the excessive packaging of moon cakes

Ren Quanfu, head of Quanfu Food Co., Ltd., said that "luxury moon cakes" account for about 15% of the total sales in the market. Although the share is small, there is a lot of waste of packaging materials. Businesses should advocate reasonable and appropriate packaging, and oppose excessive packaging. Both enterprises and consumers should establish the concept of saving and rational production and consumption. He suggested that the relevant parties as soon as possible, Gerresheimer AG, a drug and health care expert in Duesseldorf, Germany, has begun to produce new GX RTF clearjet syringes, and introduced relevant measures and standards to control and limit excessive packaging. The management department should regulate the production and sales of moon cakes

report the market situation of moon cakes to the Municipal Price inspection department. A person in charge said that they have not received the red head documents from the four ministries and commissions, and the state has not issued specific standards. They are studying how to enforce the law. They received a report yesterday that a famous hotel in Jianxi was selling silver chopsticks with "sky high price moon cakes", but there is no legal basis for the specific punishment

a person in charge of the station administration for Industry and Commerce said that they have ways to deal with "luxury moon cakes". In order to regulate the operation order of the moon cake market, they carried out a special rectification activity in the moon cake market in their jurisdiction, and strengthened the investigation and punishment of illegal acts that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, such as tying other commodities by selling moon cakes and mixing, packaging and selling moon cakes with other commodities. A large-scale mass merchandiser mixed the packaging and sales of moon cakes with wine, purple clay pots and other commodities. They immediately ordered the store to remove the goods from the shelves and delist them, and they were not allowed to sell moon cakes in this way

source: Luoyang

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