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section III packaging signs

first, the origin of transportation packaging signs

transportation packaging signs are mainly produced in response to the needs of logistics management. In the logistics flow, commodities need to go through multi link and multi-level transportation and transit, and to complete all kinds of handover, which requires signs to identify goods; The packaged goods are usually sealed containers, so it is difficult for the handler to understand what the contents are. At the same time, the internal products are different in nature, shape, weight and volume, and the protection requirements are different. Many accidents and errors in logistics management are often caused by unclear marks or errors, such as wrong delivery, wrong transportation, improper handling, improper storage and storage, etc. All these show that packaging marks play an important role in effectively loading and improving the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging, unloading, transportation, storage and other logistics activities

packaging mark refers to the use of special graphics, symbols and words on the outside of the transportation package to give the transportation package the function of communication. It has three functions: first, to identify goods and realize the management of goods receiving and dispatching; Second, express the protective measures that should be adopted in logistics; Third, identify dangerous goods and suggest protective measures to be taken to ensure logistics safety. Therefore, transportation marks are also divided into three categories: first, receipt and delivery marks, or package identification marks; second, storage and transportation pictorial marks; Third, signs of dangerous goods

II. Shipping and receiving marks of transportation packaging

shipping and receiving marks are the general term of commodity classification pictorial marks and other text description arrangement formats on the outer packaging. The shipping and receiving marks of transportation packages are used to identify goods in the logistics process. It plays a particularly important role in logistics management, such as delivery, warehousing, loading and ship allocation. It is also the basic data of shipping documents, transportation insurance documents and trade contracts related to marking matters

in 198 "6 years, China has formulated the" shipping and receiving marks of transportation packaging ", which stipulates the classification marks and other marks and text instructions on the outer packaging of railway, highway, waterway and air cargo and the format of their arrangement (table) 。


No. 7 item meaning

1 FL commodity classification diagram marks the specific symbol of commodity category

2 GH supply number for this batch of goods. It can provide relevant information about the reaction of metal and alloy materials to mechanical load. Goods list number (contract number code for export goods)

3 HH article number commodity sequence number. In order to enter and exit the warehouse, register the receipt and delivery, and verify the commodity price

4pg product name specification product name or code. Indicate the specification, model, size, design and color of a single commodity

5 SIJ quantity the quantity of goods contained in the packaging container

6zij weight the weight of the packaging (kg) includes the gross weight and net


7cq production date the year, month and day of production of the product

8 CC production factory the name of the factory producing the product

9 t work volume the outer diameter of the packaging is long × wide × High = volume

10xq expiry date of goods expiry date × year × Monthly

11 sh receiving place and unit cargo arrival station, port and vegetable unit (person) (can be labeled or scrawled)

12 FH shipping unit shipping unit (person)

13 YH transportation number transportation bill number

14 work s shipping number shipping number

the standard also makes the following provisions on the size of the symbol of commodity classification diagram, See table:

Table package height (bag calibration length) classification pattern size graphics specific parameters remarks

outer frame linewidth

inner frame linewidth

500 and below

50 × 50



the head up distance is 5m, and the package sign is clearly visible


80 × 80




100 × 100



the head up distance is 10m, and the packaging signs are clearly visible. The standard specifies the pictorial signs of 12 categories of commodities, including general merchandise, cultural goods, hardware, transportation and electricity, chemical industry, knitting, medicine, food, agricultural and sideline products, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and machinery. The font, color, marking method and location of the shipping and receiving marks of the transportation package shall be selected according to the standards

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