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Mobile video has become a gold mine in the era of mobile Internet

mobile video is an attractive gold mine in the era of mobile Internet. Telecom operators, Internet manufacturers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have placed another measuring cylinder under the direct management of water access institutions flocked to it

mobile video is a major challenge in the mobile Internet era, and the network, content, business model, copyright and other issues are full of unknown

when we settle down and solve the hidden worries behind it, we will usher in a vast world

Li Hao, vice president of Wule -

focus on users before talking about profits

at present, with the boom of mobile Internet, video is also ushering in the spring of development. Compared with page browsing, microblogging and other mobile Internet applications, video not only best reflects the high-speed characteristics of 3G, but also brings the most severe challenges to traffic management, and will accordingly walk out of a different development path. So, how can we seize another opportunity in the field of mobile Internet video? Li Hao, vice president of Wule () said in an interview a few days ago: "today, video is in the stage of explosive growth of users in the Chinese market, so the most urgent work now is to grasp users, and the profit model will be considered next."

for mobile Internet, which has the characteristics of both telecommunications and interconnection, most applications are still deeply branded with interconnection, such as video. Just like the Internet video, only with a large number of users can we have a profitable foundation. For example, Baidu and Tencent, which are actively expanding their video business, admitted that they would not consider making profits for the time being. For videos that are still in their infancy, "there is no profit model yet", Li Hao said frankly

however, the bright future of video can bring investors sufficient confidence. "In the next two to three years, the number of users who watch videos will exceed the traditional computer way," Li Hao said. In fact, video users account for nearly half of the current 3G users in China, and the pull effect of 3G on mobile Internet applications has been very prominent

although the video is still in the input period of user training, using the traditional PC Internet video for reference, its future profit tensile strength and yield strength can be predicted to increase with the increase of processing rate. According to Li Hao, there are two possible profit models for videos: first, the advertising model, in which users watch videos for free by watching advertisements; Second, based on the popularity of payment, it is combined with video games and adopts the profit model of selling props for travel

"at present, China's video stations are generally adopting the method of launching video viewing clients to enter the video market", Li Hao pointed out. As far as I'm concerned, since I was originally focused on the sharing of user generated video content, I will also inherit this differentiated gene on the video client. Li Hao said, "on the one hand, we will continue to build the function of users shooting and uploading videos; on the other hand, we will also combine with social applications to help users share content and experience of watching videos together." It is worth noting that, since it has been acquired by Renren, a social networking site, the integration of my music video and social networking is bound to get more powerful support. For example, "Renren's client will be directly implanted into my video function module, and Renren's users can share videos more quickly"

Network - pain in development

in 2011, video traffic reached 50% of the global mobile Internet traffic for the first time, and continues to grow. A report by pyramid research predicts that the number of mobile video users will reach 534million in 2014

Cisco also predicted in an annual report released on February 14 that this year's mobile data traffic will increase by 110% year-on-year. By 2016, this traffic will increase 18 times to 10.8eb per month (1eb=1024pb, 1pb=1024tb). Among them, video is an important source of traffic growth. At present, more and more users watch videos and streaming media movies through notebooks. While the mobile video industry is invigorated, terminal manufacturers are also making adjustments to adapt to this trend

nowadays, intelligence is getting bigger and bigger, while tablet computers are becoming smaller and smaller. To some extent, this change is due to people's need for a large screen when watching mobile video, and the superposition of the demand for portability of mobile terminals by printing complete experimental reports and summing experimental curves. Therefore, mobile terminals are developing towards a complex. As an intelligent sales model, Samsung's new Galaxy note has begun to lead this trend

therefore, Cisco predicts that video will account for 70% of all mobile Internet traffic by 2016, up from about 5 "C" representing China (China) 2% in 2011

users' enthusiasm for mobile video services has been stimulated, but some analysts and investors question whether operators can achieve profits through this market transformation, because operators have made a lot of network construction investment to meet users' needs. Although many operators such as at t have previously restricted the use of network traffic after suffering from network congestion, Cisco still expects that as more and more users watch mobile video, the tension in the global mobile communication network will intensify this year

cooperation - the only way to integrate development

at the beginning of February this year, LETV announced its entry into the TV platform of China Mobile, becoming the first video station to enter the TV platforms of the three major operators in China. This news once again focused the attention of the industry on the cooperation between operators and video stations

since 2011, there have been endless news about the cooperation between video stations and video platforms of telecom operators. Including Youku, Tudou, Qiyi, Sina and other well-known video stations have achieved varying degrees of cooperation with operators

from the perspective of market roles, operators and video stations should be competitors in the video market. Why do the two in a competitive relationship start to carry out continuous exploration on the road of cooperation

in fact, from the perspective of the advantages of both sides, this cooperation is a logical and natural market choice. The huge user group with hundreds of millions of telecom operators and strong channel control ability are the important basis for the development of video business. In addition to user resources and brand advantages, video stations have obvious advantages in content. Therefore, if both sides can complement each other's advantages, a very favorable "win-win" situation will be formed

as a video station that cooperates with operators earlier, Tudou has tasted the sweetness in this cooperation. According to Tudou, the video on demand service provided by Tudou in cooperation with China Mobile has become one of the most important businesses of Tudou. Since 2010, the total number of users and video browsing times of this business has reached tens of millions, bringing real income of tens of millions of yuan to Tudou

obviously, this kind of cooperative relationship not only exists between operators and video stations, but also with the growing maturity of video business, operators have increasingly extensive cooperation with well-known media, film companies and other content providers, and promote the development of video business with greater joint efforts

client - the channel entrance needs to be constantly improved.

the first step in the competition of mobile Internet is the competition of entrance. Among them, the client is the key. In the development of video, video client is very important, which is of great significance for user information collection, analysis of usage, and targeted advertising. Therefore, the client has become the focus of video operators

at present, baidu video, Tudou, Youku and other video client software are available in the market. Most of them are developed by Internet video stations, and based on the original Internet video content, they carry out the processing suitable for chemical communication. This involves key performance such as content, effect, traffic and search

the content provided by the video client software, of course, cannot be a simple copy of the Internet video content. These contents should conform to the communication characteristics of and the viewing habits of users. Judging from the current development, the content with strong entertainment, time length and timeliness has become the mainstream. For example, the content orientation of Baidu video is entertainment, including film and television dramas, entertainment, MTV, etc. There are also clients like LETV, which are specifically targeted at film and television dramas. In addition, whether the live broadcast content can be moved has also become the next step of the industry

although the viewing effect will be affected by factors such as network and terminal, the proportion of HD content is getting higher and higher. Users are no longer satisfied with watching content with blurred images, and high-definition movies and TV dramas are becoming more and more popular. What is related to the viewing effect is the traffic. HD will inevitably lead to high traffic, and the client software can only make choices in this regard. Therefore, the popularity of video also depends on the continuous popularity of WLAN and other ways, as well as more appropriate traffic package design

The function of

search is also important for video clients. Users watch videos mainly with short-term and long content. How to quickly help users find the content they need and fill their fragmented time depends on the implementation of the search function. In this regard, baidu video, which started with search, is doing well, and leading Internet video stations such as Tudou and Youku also have advantages. China's information industry - People's post and Telecommunications News

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