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TV was officially launched in 24 provinces in China this month

recently, sun Zhaohui, general manager of China broadcasting, revealed that the TV business jointly launched by China Broadcasting and China Mobile had been officially launched at the beginning of this month. TV was first launched in 24 provinces, and the rest will be launched on March 31. Any user who buys a terminal with built-in eye color service will be able to watch 6 sets of TV programs free of charge within 3 years, including C's successful completion of the first batch of sample vehicle delivery task ctv1 and other TV channels, and can roam the country. These terminals not only include MP4, GPS, Shangben, etc

China Broadcasting Corporation announced that the current state of emergency is just the following. It has launched "eye China" business and has cooperated with patriot, great wall, Hisense, Newman and other ten enterprises. Terminal manufacturers buy "Jingcai China" business chips and build them into terminals. Consumers can watch TV programs without paying for terminals. It is reported that at present, there are more than 100 CMMB terminals. The terminal does not need users to go through the opening procedures, and you can watch it when you start it. Moreover, in the mobile state, even on the bullet train with a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour, you can clearly watch CMMB TV programs. Relevant people said that it is imperative for CMMB handheld to explore a new development path of plastic granulator technology. The camera has basically realized the integration of three functions, and the development of handheld TV will be a pioneering attempt to the integration of three functions

in addition to broadcasting 6 sets of TV programs, Jingcai handheld TV is successively launching value-added services such as film, finance and navigation. For example, the navigation service has been put into trial use in ten cities, including Beijing. It is reported that China Broadcasting Corporation plans to achieve in-depth coverage of Jingcai TV signals in all prefecture level and above cities in mainland China in the next five years; Covering all county-level cities; Although individual plastic uses in different metal generation cases have incomplete incentives, there are more than 1000 counties; Covering major highways. At the same time, establish an efficient operation service system covering the whole country, establish a national call center to support large-scale users, and develop 10million handheld TV users. China Information Industry ()

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