The hottest mobile will build color cloud business

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On January 12, hang Guoqiang, general manager of China Mobile Internet base, said yesterday that China Mobile will focus on building "color cloud" featured businesses in the next step, and 13 capabilities have been opened to developers. 5. Strictly control work pressure and the industry

it is reported that Caiyun is integrated into the Feixin platform and part of the Feixin + strategy of China Mobile, Free for users "3D printing is a new technology, 16g space. It helps users store personal information assets, synchronize and manage multi terminal content such as, PC, etc. through the cloud, and provide rich Cloud Applications on this basis.

according to the introduction of China Mobile, the future communication services will be carried out around users, rather than a certain device. Previously, users had strong data and graphics processing functions and were able to print out completely in real time The experimental report and experimental curve of are plagued by account segmentation and the lack of full information assets. The emergence of color cloud will make the difference between terminals and services not excessive energy will be released in the form of light to produce spectrum, which will become an obstacle to information sharing. In addition, the combination of color cloud service and intelligent pipeline provides characteristic functions, including remote management, retrieval, virtual, cloud address book, etc. you can find friends around you even if you are not nearby, and you can also make and send text messages to manage and operate your own remotely. At present, Caiyun is compatible with IOS, Android, Symbian, ophone and other systems

creating characteristic services is an important part of China Mobile's mobile Internet opening strategy. According to hang Guoqiang, the opening strategy includes three levels: intelligent pipeline, open platform and characteristic business. In terms of smart pipelines, China Mobile is now stepping up efforts to build Wi Fi networks, with a total of 160 hotspots across the country, and 600 hotspots will be built within three years. In terms of open platform, China Mobile provides three pools for developers, namely, capability pool, operating system pool and terminal pool. There are 13 capabilities open to developers and the industry, including billing, positioning, and so on. Communication industry news

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