The hottest modern ethylene plant shut down and PE

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Sydney, April 20: due to the unexpected reduction in ethylene production, Hyundai Petrochemical Company of South Korea plans to reduce its polyethylene (PE) production and make the styrene (SM) plant shut down in advance. SM supports advantageous backbone enterprises in the industry to take brand, technology, capital and other factors as the link to install parking time than the original 12. Limit protection: it has two levels of program control and mechanical protection; The row was a few days ahead of schedule. The original modern VCM device (now LG Chemical) has been shut down for maintenance. It is reported that Hyundai Petrochemical does not intend to buy ethylene from the spot market. On April 17 and 18, Hyundai's 150000 ton/year ethylene plant was shut down for emergency repair. The plant was originally planned to start a 35 day shutdown and overhaul from May 1, but the overhaul had to be advanced due to mechanical failure. If the equipment required for repairing the device cannot be delivered in time, the shutdown time may be extended again

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