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Micro store mode operation: people are channels

recently, ZTE announced that the market of China's plastic machinery enterprises will further open up wechat fairs, allowing users to open wechat stores through the platform. The micro store mode operates as follows:

in terms of manufacturers, ZTE provides system, logistics and product support. After users apply for joining, provide users with standardized micro stores. The style of the wechat store is simple, and several products are displayed. It can be purchased directly at the end, paid by Alipay and delivered by SF. The wechat store was first opened to ZTE employees and then extended to ordinary consumers

in terms of users, after applying for joining, they can choose the products they want to sell, get a wechat store link, and can be recommended in the circle of friends or other platforms at zero cost. Sell at parity with their own influence to earn ZTE's rebate

it seems to be a promotion based on mobile Internet, not a new model. However, the concept contained in it, that people are channels, has obvious advantages at present and in the future

one of the advantages: by means of b2c2c, we have grasped the long tail of the sales channel and formed a new sales breakthrough

where is the head Market of the sales channel

B2B2C is the main sales mode of traditional manufacturers. Products are sold to distributors (such as Tianyin), retailers (such as offline DiXinTong and online, and operators (such as mobile), and then sold to users through these channels. The sales volume brought by this part of the channel is that the peel force modulus measured by the material heat sealing part before cooling after heat sealing exceeds 80%. From the perspective of contribution, it is the head market

the rise of Internet manufacturers such as Xiaomi has led the b2c sales model, saved the cost of distribution channels, and made more profit to users. E-commerce channels are their leading market

there is a long tail market hidden in both modes

the core of this long tail market is personal agency, such as the help of acquaintances and door-to-door sales of products, in which individuals play a role. No one knows how powerful a person is, and few people pay attention to it under the traditional distribution mode. Even if we pay attention, the cost of development is also great

the current situation is different. The two trends have promoted the maturity of the personal agency market. First, personal strength is outstanding, especially the rise of big V and we media, who have a certain say and become personal brands; The second is the dominance of circle culture, especially based on the circle of friends and groups, to enhance mutual trust

therefore, the b2c2c mode is ripe for operation. It integrates the spirit of B2B2C and B2C. Manufacturers face personal agents and sell based on circles. The sales volume brought by each person is not much, but there are a large number of people participating in agent sales. It is a typical long tail market, and new sales breakthroughs appear

the second advantage: integrate emotions and interests, reshape fans' word-of-mouth marketing, and expand brand awareness

Lei Jun emphasized word-of-mouth marketing when talking about the success factors of Xiaomi. The key point of word-of-mouth marketing lies in the management of fans. Through interaction with fans, we can continue to output cost-effective products and common values to fans. One spread ten, ten spread a hundred, forming a broad understanding of the brand

however, this process has two weaknesses. First, fans' loyalty to the brand is mainly reflected in the emotional level. With the expansion of sales scale, emotional marketing cannot be applied to all fans. Second, the brand awareness after being spread by fans will weaken to a certain extent. This brand awareness is not enough to turn into purchasing power

the wechat store model delivers tangible benefits to fans and can reshape word-of-mouth marketing

for fans with a strong sense of identity, it is most likely to open a wechat store. He is willing to endorse and endorse the brand, and take practical actions to convey this sense of identity to his own circle. The publicity based on material objects is stronger than empty slogans, which may drive the overall cognition of the circle and even generate purchasing power

for fans who don't have a strong sense of identity, some will open wechat stores for the sake of interests. The process of opening a store is the process of strengthening and spreading brand awareness

it can be seen that the wechat store model conveys emotions and interests to fans, and has been effectively integrated to meet the demands of different fans, which can expand the size of fans, strengthen brand exposure, and generate more cognition

the author predicts that after the launch of ZTE wechat store, there will be a series of changes in the industry, which will occur in succession in the next few years. Here is a concise list of points. If interested, welcome to discuss

1. Many manufacturers follow up quickly, forming a new battlefield in the mobile terminal

there is almost no threshold for entering the wechat store. If someone takes the lead, someone will follow. Manufacturers of various brands will successively pour into this market to sell Internet branded products or tail goods. In particular, Xiaomi and other brand manufacturers with strong fans may catch up

2. Some agents may join, which has its form but not its reality

some agents (distributors, retailers) will open wechat stores to sell products of multiple brands. However, it is not the diversity of brands that makes them competitive. Compared with manufacturers, agent wechat stores are only an extension of electronic channels and cannot play a fan effect. Moreover, they should compete with manufacturers at the same price, and their meager profits make wechat stores their Achilles' heel

3. The FD (direct control distribution) mode based on wechat stores has emerged to control the power of large shopping malls such as

Nokia has created a classic FD channel model in the physical channel, and developed direct controllers based on geographical regions (provinces and cities). They get goods from Nokia at par, sell to the downstream, and earn Nokia rebates. This measure is the sinking of Nokia channel, which greatly weakens the power of national contractors. It is also applicable in the wechat store mode. The initial employees who open stores are FD, and later gradually develop among fans. The expansion of the development scale of wechat stores will have a certain impact on the market share of

4. C2B reverse customization is more feasible

the new Internet brand Qingcheng focuses on C2B reverse customization. However, due to the large number of fans, it is impossible to accurately determine the needs of most users, making C2B a gimmick. When the micro store forms a certain scale, the owner of the micro store will become the core channel for user demand feedback, and as a representative in the circle, make appeals to manufacturers, and even customize

5. The brand concept is gradually diluted

product brand and channel brand are two mutually reinforcing subjects, sometimes strengthening each other, sometimes changing each other. When users buy products, they believe in big brands and hope to use regular channels. If the channel power is too strong, the product brand will be lost, such as cooperating with operators. For the micro store model, users' purchasing behavior is more influenced by the personal brand of the micro store owner. The product brand awareness is broad but not deep, and will gradually fade in the future. Taking this opportunity, some OEM manufacturers, such as TCL and Foxconn, which originally lacked brand ODM and accelerated research and development, with short processes, high efficiency, replaceable imports and good market prospects, may rise

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