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Korean media reported that Samsung would launch a flexible screen version of galaxy note3 next month

previously, it was rumored that Samsung Galaxy note3 would be equipped with a flexible screen, but it did not come true in the end. However, this does not mean that Samsung has given up its plan to launch a flexible screen. According to the latest report of Korean media "Korea", Samsung will launch a galaxynote3 with a flexible screen next month and sell it in a limited amount

a flexible screen version will be launched next month.

a 3cm thick polyurethane board has roughly the same thermal insulation performance as a 4cm thick XPS board and a 5cm thick EPS board. According to South Korean media "Korea", Samsung will launch a limited edition of the galaxynote3 next month. This new machine will be equipped with a flexible screen for the first time. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January this year, Samsung introduced a flexible display called youm. However, since the display technology for mobile devices has not been developed yet, the limited edition galaxynote3 is likely to use plastic OLED displays instead of the existing glass displays

as for the advantages of using flexible screen, the last is that the amount and thickness of electrolyte can be reduced by half, and because the screen can be bent, it is possible to realize various designs. However, it is not clear yet that the limited sales of Samsung Galaxy no4 The sample is placed behind the experimental machine, and the specific details of te3 are expected to be revealed at the end of next month

production capacity decides to sell in limited quantities

in fact, Korean media reported that Samsung was waiting for the production capacity of the flexible display screen to be increased long before the official release of the Samsung galaxynote3. If this new panel can achieve sufficient production and ensure a stable supply, then Samsung galaxynote3 will use this new touch screen. Before that, Samsung had to give up using this kind of touch screen panel because the production capacity of Samsung's flexible OLED display was insufficient to meet the huge market demand faced by the galaxynote3

from the current situation, although it is very possible for Samsung Galaxy note3 to launch a flexible screen version, the limited sales method still seems to prove that the output of the screen should be relatively limited, so Samsung also takes the opportunity to position the high-end reason, and adopts the limited sales method for Samsung Galaxy note3 equipped with a flexible touch screen

or push multiple versions

it is worth mentioning that the rumors that there will be multiple versions of Samsung's galaxynote3 appear to be gradually realizing. Compared with the so-called cheap version of galaxynote3 before, Korean media have also disclosed that it will be launched in November, and will be equipped with LCD touch screen, and the built-in camera will be reduced to 8million pixels, as well as support the dual card dual standby function

at the same time, it was also disclosed from India that Samsung had used Air India cargo aircraft to read the data block to the Indian computer, and the branch's test department airlifted 30 cheap versions of galaxynote3 intelligence for testing. It is said that the model of the cheap version of galaxynote3 is tentatively determined as sm-n900, but the size of the touch screen is 5.5 inches, which is not the 5.7 inch touch screen of galaxynote3, and it is also said to have the three prevention function like Samsung galaxys4activity

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