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Korean enterprises have developed starch molding machines that can mass produce starch containers

considering the adverse impact on the environment, Korea has banned the use of disposable containers. Recently, a South Korean enterprise developed a food container that can be processed from potato or cold-rolled ribbed steel bar GB 13788 (2) 000 corn starch in large quantities. The container disappears automatically with the passage of time, greatly reducing the damage to the environment

according to Taiyuan (representative: Li Zhongji), an enterprise producing degradable plastics in South Korea, they recently developed a starch molding machine that can produce 120 starch containers in biodegradable plastics with the best performance per minute. After the implementation of the resource saving and resource recycling law last year, South Korea banned the use of synthetic resin containers, so a large number of alternative products such as paper processing containers and starch containers came on the market. Starch can realize the change of tensile stress and compressive stress only by changing the valve port direction and opening size of the parallel digital valve. The price of the container is about 50% lower than that of the paper container, so it is very popular

in the past, starch molding machines could only be mass produced in Germany. This time, the price of products developed by Taiyuan company is only 1/4 of that of German products, so the price of containers with high efficiency and processing will also be much lower

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