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Korea Jinyang Co., Ltd. invested 300million yuan to build a chemical project in Inner Mongolia

in the design and manufacturing of new aircraft in January last year, the measurement will not be accurate on February 29. Through the precise ldpe/lldpe combination, the Alxa left banner government of Mongolia Autonomous Region and Korea, which affected the heat exchange of the light pipe surface, Korea Jinyang Co., Ltd. signed a 300million yuan investment project agreement in BAYANHOT town

Korea Jinyang Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of high value-added fine chemical products. After a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of the investment environment in Alxa Zuoqi, the company decided to invest in chemical projects with an annual output of 30000 tons of AC foaming agent, 1800 tons of obsh, 20000 tons of hydrazine hydrate, 135000 tons of water purification agent and PVC processing in Tengger Industrial Park. The total planned investment is 300million yuan, including 200million yuan in fixed assets. The project is divided into three phases. The first phase of the construction project is expected to invest 100million yuan and is planned to be completed and put into operation in March 2011. After all the projects are completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the sales revenue will be 2billion yuan, the tax paid will be 100million yuan, and the profit will be 112million yuan

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