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Korean Hyundai Automobile Logistics supply chain will apply RFID technology

a few years ago, Hyundai used RFID technology in the field of automobile theft prevention; Now, Hyundai Motor Company no longer uses the traditional barcode management mode, and continues to apply RFID to the logistics supply chain. It uses passive UHF RFID tags (Class 1 Gen 2, manufacturer - UPM Raflatac) to manage the supply chain services of its logistics company glovis (whose total location is in Seoul, South Korea)

in the first stage of the RFID implementation project, glovis will paste the UHF RFID tag "dogbone" of UPM Raflatac on the corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging boxes of auto parts, with a total of 130000 tags. Glovis will deliver RFID tagged packages to Hyundai Automobile assembly plant in Alabama

in the second stage, glovis will track the labeled packaging boxes and containers shipped from the headquarters to all over the world, and the annual use of RFID tags will reach 20million

with the help of RFID tags, modern logistics companies can track and supervise the operation of each link and step of the logistics supply chain, and collect data information in real time: including the transportation link to the glovis distribution center, the repacking link, the link after being transported out of the distribution center, and the link to Costa, California The distribution centers of Costa Mesa and Montgomery, Alabama, and finally arrived at the Montgomery assembly plant (hmma, which mainly produces Sonata and Hyundai Santa Fe models, with an annual output value of more than 1.1 billion US dollars of tensile machines produced by Jinan experimental machine factory)

ABI research, a research institution, believes that automobile manufacturers can benefit greatly from the application of RFID technology, especially in logistics supply chain tracking and assembly lines. At present, several major automobile manufacturers have applied RFID technology. For example, hum Honda Motor manufacturing headquarters in the UK (Ho, how can we calibrate and adjust the force measurement system of the tensile testing machine? The specific operation steps are as follows: NDA) apply UHF rf2.1 to start the stopwatch of the testing machine to preliminarily count the time for 1 minute, and the ID tag tracks the auto parts shipped to the Swindon assembly center in the UK. In addition, Honda's Italian subsidiary has also pasted passive high-frequency RFID tags on the car chassis and some parts (including rotating speed machine and engine) to collect relevant information on the assembly line

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