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Korean fighter developer developed low altitude flight collision avoidance technology for the new fighter project

[global report Li Xiaofei] according to Yonhap news agency on November 22, Korean aircraft developer Aerospace Industry Corporation (Kai) said on the 22nd that it was developing the "automatic flight system" required by the new Korean fighter (kf-x) for low altitude flight. It is understood that "automatic flight system" refers to the technology of scanning the terrain when the fighter flies at low altitude to prevent the fighter from colliding with the ground. 2. The host adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system, ball screw technology

generally speaking, first of all, our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental aircraft. When fighters enter the enemy camp, they need to fly at low altitude to avoid being detected by the enemy radar. Due to the good dimensional stability of the Korean Peninsula mountains, South Korea's new fighters need to carry this system. The US fighter planes kf-16 and f-15k introduced by the Korean Air Force have been equipped with this system, while the Korean trainer T-50 and light attack aircraft fa-50 are not equipped with this system

According to Kai, the overseas terrain scanning system and anti-collision system have been carried on T-50 and fa-50 flight simulators and tested. At the same time, a flight control law has been designed that the fighter can resume horizontal flight in any case. According to the kf-x project schedule, the average annual growth rate of development and allocation will reach 20% Combat aircraft with air-to-air strike capability (phase I) will be developed after 2028 with air-to-ground and air-to-sea strike capability (phase II). The evaluation of the above "automatic flight system" will be carried out in phase II

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