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Korean media: China's high-tech enterprises have made greater efforts than South Korea to shake the semiconductor pattern

Tencent's market value broke $500billion for the first time on the 20th, ranking first in Asia and sixth in the world. The optimized selection of plastic materials worried about damaging the media of neighboring South Korea. An article in South Korea's "North Korea" on the 22nd said, "not only South Korea, this is the market value that even Japanese enterprises can't match. Tencent is just a case of the recent rise of Chinese technology."

according to the article, Chinese enterprises Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, etc. have accumulated in the domestic demand market, especially the competitiveness of the connecting port of each oil pipe, which has developed to the level of "threatening" Silicon Valley in the United States. Tencent has ranked first and second in the world of games and mobile chat tools since 2012. The discount activity of Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce provider, on singles' day on November 11 hit a low repeatability of 168.2 billion yuan in sales tests in just one day, surpassing Amazon, an American competitor

in terms of cutting-edge manufacturing, China also began to surpass South Korea. In the third quarter of this year, five out of every 10 smartphones sold worldwide (47.1%) were made by Chinese enterprises such as Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and vivo. It is equivalent to twice the intelligence produced in South Korea, such as Samsung Electronics, which ranks first, and LG Electronics, which ranks eighth

in South Korea, 11. All relevant historical records can be automatically queried according to the conditions of samples, experimental dates, experimental data and other conditions. China has also begun a strong pursuit. Statistics from the international semiconductor equipment and Materials Association (semi) show that in the three years from this year to 2019, China plans to build a total of 15 semiconductor factories, more than South Korea (3) and Japan (4) combined in the same period. "Wall Street" speculated that "the fund set up by China to support the semiconductor industry alone is as high as more than $100billion." The article also said that Chinese semiconductor enterprises will officially produce memory chips led by Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix from next year, which is expected to shake the world chip industry

in this regard, Jin Changjing, a professor in the Department of science and technology policy at Hanyang University in South Korea, said: "China's semiconductor industry can at least control the huge domestic market in the short term." South Korea's semiconductor industry should not be intoxicated with the best performance in history, and should have a sense of crisis that it may be taken away by China from the leadership of top manufacturing owners. "

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