The hottest glass futures market is in an upward c

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The glass futures market is generally in an upward cycle this year

"according to the comprehensive evaluation of the characteristics of the industry cycle, the glass price may show a strong trend in April and may this year." On Saturday, the 2013 Dongguan Glass Industry Summit Forum co organized by Hualian futures was held in the exhibition hotel with the company's ultradur brand high activity polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) material. Hualian futures researcher believes that the glass futures market is generally in an upward cycle this year

glass futures trading volume reached a new high

this forum was hosted by Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, and more than 100 glass industry experts and relevant principals of upstream, middle and downstream enterprises participated in the event. The experts at the meeting discussed the glass futures contracts, rules and regulations, and the impact of glass futures on the industry after listing, providing valuable references for the management of glass enterprises

"since the world's first glass futures was officially listed on the Zheng Stock Exchange last month, the trading volume and turnover have reached new highs." Fengxionghua, deputy general manager of Hualian futures management, said that taking the trading volume on January 16 as an example, the trading volume of glass futures ranked first among all the more active varieties. Such an active trading volume provides the premise and conditions for industrial customers to hedge and arbitrage. In the current macroeconomic situation facing many uncertain factors, how to use innovative financial instruments such as futures hedging and arbitrage to reduce the operational risk of price fluctuations and maintain the healthy and steady development of enterprises has become an urgent problem for many glass enterprises

it is reported that as of 2012, 275 float glass production lines have been built and put into operation in China, of which 220 are in production. In 2011, the total output of flat glass reached 7 The output of 8.5 billion heavy containers, about 39.25 million tons, has led the world for 23 consecutive years, accounting for more than half of the global output at present. The glass industry in Dongguan has developed rapidly. National and even world-class glass enterprise groups have successively settled in Dongguan, and a large number of well-known enterprises in the industry, such as CSG, Taiwan glass and Xinyi, have emerged

the rise in July or the current peak

"through the statistics of the historical data of glass prices, it is found that there is a certain cyclical law in its trend." Liujiali, a researcher at Hualian futures, said that generally, the rise cycle of glass prices from the low point is generally months, and the decline cycle from the high point is generally months. Since October 2000, glass price fluctuation can be divided into seven stages, and the price reached the lowest point in April 2012. Therefore, it includes many small places and large structures. Theoretically, the last round of price decline cycle in the huge industrial chain of express green packaging should have ended, and the later trend will enter the rising channel, and the highest point may appear from July to October this year

according to Liu Jiali, architectural glass accounts for the largest proportion of downstream demand for glass, reaching 70%. As can be seen from the indicators of national real estate sales area and new construction area in 2012, the indicator of real estate sales area has bottomed out and rebounded in March last year. Although the new construction area is still at a low level, there are also obvious signs of stabilization. Generally speaking, the demand for glass will not be reflected until months after the new construction area is announced, which will affect the price change. Accordingly, the glass price may show a strong trend this month

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