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Glass futures is about to be listed and delivered to the warehouse to be drafted

glass futures is about to be listed in June. At present, the exchange is selecting the delivery warehouse. Due to their ignorance and even misunderstanding of the futures market, glass production enterprises have little interest in becoming the glass delivery repository of Zheng Shangsuo

this paper will reveal the great advantages of glass manufacturing enterprises once they become delivery factories and warehouses from four aspects

first, take the lead in the market

in the whole operation of futures, the delivery library is an indispensable and critical link. The application for the delivery library must meet strict requirements (the futures exchange has special management regulations and strict approval procedures for the delivery library. 1 it has always been regarded as a newcomer in the field of e-commerce, and a special person is responsible for supervision and management. When an enterprise applies for the establishment of the futures delivery library, it needs to provide corresponding qualification certificates, and it can be established after the approval of the exchange and the CSRC at all levels to extend its service life). Therefore, the delivery library will become a scarce resource in the market. Once any enterprise has a delivery library, it will occupy an important dominant position in the whole futures operation

once the glass production enterprise successfully applies for the delivery warehouse, on the one hand, it will greatly facilitate its own use of the futures market and make better use of the futures market to participate in hedging business; On the other hand, those competitors who fail to apply for the delivery warehouse as shown in Table 3 must also use their delivery warehouse - that is, they must also purchase the products they produce to register warehouse receipts

second, obtain economic benefits

the direct benefits that enterprises can bring by setting up delivery warehouses mainly include warehousing income, hedging income and arbitrage income

warehousing revenue

the charging standard of relevant fees in the delivery and warehousing links of futures commodities and warehousing links is generally higher than the spot standard. Enterprises with futures delivery warehouse qualification enjoy certain advantages in the competition of warehousing business in the same industry, and can provide customers with more flexible choice space, which will bring higher profits to enterprises

hedging income

eligible enterprises can also participate in futures hedging operations and give play to their pricing advantages in the spot market. When the futures market price changes, adopt the operation strategy of high selling, low buying and high selling. Even if you enter the physical delivery link, you can also choose the delivery warehouse of the enterprise as the warehouse receipt registration place, which can significantly reduce costs in transportation, warehousing, outbound, warehousing and storage and other links, so as to maximize the interests of the enterprise

obtain risk-free arbitrage income

due to the power of speculation, there is often a serious deviation between the futures market and the spot market. In this case, if the spot enterprises can effectively use the warehousing, futures and spot markets for future and spot arbitrage, they will have the opportunity to obtain risk-free income. Once the enterprise becomes the delivery library, it will greatly facilitate this risk-free arbitrage activity and obtain stable income

third, increase sales channels

leading. Glass futures implement factory warehouse delivery. Only the glass produced by the glass production enterprises that become the delivery factory warehouse can be registered as warehouse receipts and used for delivery. Therefore, those glass production enterprises, trading enterprises and arbitrageurs in the futures market that fail to become the delivery warehouse should carry out glass delivery, You must buy the glass of the glass enterprise that will not display the speed and become the delivery library if it is not lit

second, the futures market itself is a good sales channel. When the sales in the spot market are poor, enterprises can often register their products as warehouse receipts and sell them to the futures market (the futures market has never had counterparties). As a glass manufacturer, if it wants to sell glass to the futures market, it must first become the delivery warehouse of the exchange. 4、 The delivery warehouse helps to improve the brand awareness of enterprises. Only enterprises that meet the conditions stipulated by the exchange and have been strictly screened by the exchange can become the delivery warehouse of glass. For enterprises with futures delivery qualification, it is conducive to improving the brand awareness of the enterprise in the industry and enhancing the brand influence of the enterprise. Becoming a delivery repository not only represents the strength of the enterprise itself, which is beyond doubt in the industry, but also allows enterprises to better enjoy the support of relevant policies, meet a wider range of trading partners and obtain more business opportunities with the help of the "gold lettered signboard" of the exchange. In addition, after the listing of glass futures, the stock situation of the exchange will be the focus of attention of market participants, and the exchange will publish the latest information of the designated delivery warehouse and warehouse receipt registration on its website. Therefore, the enterprises that become the delivery base will also become the focus of market attention, and the recognition in the industry will gradually be very high. Zhonghua glass () Department

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