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Glass futures had a good start in the new year, but it did not rule out the possibility of callback. Yesterday's market review:

Zhengzhou glass 1305 contract opened at 1440 yuan/ton and closed at 1445 yuan/ton, up 39 yuan from the previous trading day. 3A composites/airexbaltekbanova revealed the details of its contribution to the new Agena Marin taxi catamaran, up 2.77%. The trading volume increased to about 1558600, and the position decreased by 23696000 to 217800

spot volume reduction market:

East China, Jiangsu CR 5mm float glass ex factory price 1400 yuan/ton,

North China, Hebei safe 5mm float glass ex factory price 1080 yuan/ton,

Central China, Wuhan Changli 5mm float glass ex factory price 1328 yuan/ton,

South China, Jiangmen China, harmonious communication and exchange, er run 5mm float glass ex factory price 1360 yuan/ton

important news:

the "China glass composite index" on January 7, 2013 was 1033.56 points, up 0.28 points from January 4, 2013 in the previous period. The "China glass price index" was 1002.70 points, down 0.77 points from January 4, 2013 in the previous period. The "China glass market confidence index" was 1156.98 points, up 4.45 points from January 4, 2013 in the previous period

outlook for the future:

because this limit is more caused by the improvement of macroeconomic data and the expected acceleration of urbanization, but there is also a part of the demand to make up for the rise. Before this, such as screw thread, coke and even methanol and PVC have had a good rise, so it is not surprising that glass has this rise. From the graphic point of view, the rise may continue for a few days

however, due to the downturn in supply and demand in the industry and the short time to market, the spot price cannot form an effective support for the futures price, resulting in the further expansion of the main basis, which does not rule out the possibility of repair

as the author said a few days ago, from the perspective of periodicity, there will be a decent rebound after the Spring Festival. As for the general price before the Spring Festival is low, it will not have high intensity, durability, temperature resistance and other excessive actions at the same time. This limit can also be known as the prelude to the rebound after the Spring Festival

in addition to the above points, there may be a possibility of a small correction in the near future. Holders of multiple orders below 1350 can continue to hold them. On the contrary, if they are afraid of profit repatriation, they can ship at the high level of appropriateness and wait until they fall back to the appropriate point. As for investors in the period of Bo's fall, the author suggests that they should not blindly sell short

trading strategy:

it is recommended that investors do interval processing between 1470 and 1420 within the day. (Liang Liheng)

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