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Analysis of the key elements of LED lighting

led is a green light source. LED lamps are DC driven, without stroboscopic; No infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and strong (2) microcomputer system: Lenovo brand microcomputer (including: host, 17 inch LCD, standard keyboard and mouse, large capacity hard disk) is adopted as the host's luminous directivity; The dimming performance is good, and there will be no high perception error depending on the stability of the product batch when the color temperature changes; The calorific value of cold light source is low, which can be safely touched; These are beyond the reach of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. It can not only provide comfortable lighting space, but also meet people's physiological and health needs. It is a healthy light source to protect vision and environmental protection. At present, a single LED has small power and low brightness, so it is not suitable to be used alone. However, assembling multiple LEDs together to design a practical LED lighting fixture has broad application prospects. The lamp designer can decide the shape of the lamp optical system, the number of LEDs and the power according to the requirements of the lighting object and luminous flux; Several LED light-emitting tubes can also be combined into a secondary light source of point light source, ring light source or area light source, and the lamp can be designed according to the combined "secondary light source"

led lamp supplier is a word that has only become popular in China in recent years. People familiar with the lighting industry are no strangers. Semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LED) for short, were developed in the 1960s and gradually become market-oriented. For those who are not familiar with the lighting industry, let's introduce semiconductor light-emitting diodes:

first, low energy consumption and low light attenuation. The brightness of 1W LED is equivalent to 35W halogen spotlight. In the long history of lamp development, local lighting has always been the absolute leader of halogen lamps and metal halide lamps. The birth of LED will be replaced by local lighting in the future

second, the long service life, no need to replace the light source, no need to maintain, which is actually the most worried problem of consumers. Consumers are not professionals. When choosing products, they have no professional inspection equipment or professional maintenance knowledge, and led solves their worries

at present, the sales volume of LED automotive lamps and lanterns market maintains an annual growth rate of about 10%, but the proportion of domestic LED automotive lamps and lanterns is not high. The models with a large amount of LED applications are concentrated in medium and high-end automobile enterprises, and these automobile companies generally limit the brand of LED, so it is difficult for domestic led enterprises to enter their supply chain. In addition, compared with international famous brands, domestic LEDs may have more problems in life and sorting uniformity. Adding various "vitamins" to metal materials is an effective way to enhance metal fatigue resistance. At the same time, the market supervision of automotive lamps is strict, and the threshold is relatively high. As a luxury consumer goods, cars are sold to one-to-one customers, and any quality problems will cause complaints, Domestic LED has no opportunity to undergo long-term and large-scale experience in this market, and it is difficult to meet the automotive LED standard. "Automotive lamps and lanterns are a very professional field. It will be difficult to do a good job in LED automotive lamps and lanterns, whether automotive lamps and lanterns enterprises or led enterprises. It is necessary for automotive lamps and lanterns enterprises to fully communicate with led enterprises, especially in the development of LED automotive headlamps

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