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LED automotive lighting industry analysis

automotive LED lighting is one of the hot topics in the LED market. In the past two years, new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, intelligent vehicles and other hot spots and trends have strongly attracted automotive LED manufacturers to invest. We need to stop checking for these two key points, which has become a hot investment. Automotive LED has become a powerful driving force to promote the growth of the LED industry and a new blue ocean. So, what is the current situation of LED automotive lighting market? What is the future development trend? Analysts from OFweek industry research center take you a look

industrial chain and major manufacturers

automotive lighting system is mainly supported by automotive lamps. Automotive lamps can be divided into lighting lamps and signal lamps according to purpose, and internal lamps and external lamps according to installation position

LED lamp industry chain and major representative manufacturers

market scale and forecast

according to the 2017 LED automotive lighting industry Market Research Report (hereinafter referred to as the report) of OFweek Industry Research Center, the penetration rate of domestic LED lamps in 2016 was about 10% - 15%, and the overall market scale of LED lamps exceeded 5billion yuan. According to the LED lamp penetration rate of 60% in 2022, the compound growth rate of domestic automotive market sales in the next few years is estimated to be 5%, By 2022, the domestic LED lamp market is expected to reach 76.6 billion yuan

domestic LED automotive lighting market scale and forecast

from the perspective of application power, at present, automotive LED lighting is mainly low-power less than 1W, and high-power more than 1W, such as fog lamps, each tool component in far and near life will have its service life, and light lamps are rarely used. However, with the decline of price and the improvement of light efficiency, the proportion of high-power LED Applications (LED headlights) will continue to increase in the future

from the perspective of application position, the market scale of LED exterior lighting is about twice that of LED exterior lighting. In the future, the market scale of LED exterior lighting will grow rapidly, while LED interior lighting will shrink, mainly because led interior lighting is mainly small 1. The classification power of electronic tensile testing machine. At present, the market share has been high, and the price decline rate is greater than the growth rate, while LED exterior lighting such as fog lamp High power lighting such as high and low beam lamps has maintained a rapid growth rate

industry competition pattern

among the global automotive LED manufacturers, OSRAM, Nichia chemical and Lumileds account for more than 70% of the market share, and are in a monopoly position. Other manufacturers include Seoul semiconductor, Stanley, dominiant, Kerui, Samsung, etc. OSRAM accounts for the largest proportion. At present, few competitors in the industry can compete with it. The integrated development of composition, auto parts and new energy vehicles has its main advantages of rich product lines and maintaining stable cooperative relations with many downstream top automakers

market share of global automotive LED manufacturers

in China, the top manufacturers of automotive LED revenue are OSRAM, domiant opto, Lumileds, Seoul semiconductor, Nichia chemical, Samsung and Yiguang

industry memorabilia

in the first half of 2017, there were many major moves in the industry. Led enterprises accelerated their competition for automotive LED lighting market share by setting up new factories, acquisitions, capital increases, enterprise strategic cooperation and other ways. The following table shows some major events in the industry so far:

memorabilia of LED automotive lighting industry

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