The hottest glass futures market has been weak rec

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Glass Futures: affected by seasonal factors, the market has been weak recently

glass: the short-term remains weak

on Thursday, the main force of glass futures 1305 closed at 1289 yuan, with 1.987 million transactions and 306000 positions. Spot: the price of the original film in China is basically stable. At present, the impact of seasonal factors after the specified holding time is more obvious. The market has been weak recently, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, and the short-term upward movement is quite difficult, so it is inevitable to continue to weaken in the later period. Supporting inspection: the falling weight impact test panel is heavily pressed in a day, and the new low volume indicates that the later weakening is still the main tone, and the intensity is also relatively coordinated. However, from the perspective of short-term level, the transaction after the new low highlights the position of yuan, and the long and short differences are large. If the new low continues in the short term for one to two days, it will encounter resistance. At the same time, the recovery of the new low at the 15 minute level includes the research and development of graphene composite conductive high molecular materials, the research and development of graphene composite semi conductive shielding power cables, the research and development of product experimental methods, and the back (106) building sealant. In the near future, it will be repeated, In view of the comparison of the intensity before and after, the uplink space is very small. Operation rhythm: forward short-term holding transactions and short-term transactions. The forward short-term reduction target is 1290 yuan and stands firm at 1320 yuan. The reduction can choose to follow the short-term transaction after leaning back to 1310 yuan, and the short-term transaction revolves around 1285 yuan -1310 yuan

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