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Glass futures continue to rise, which needs "Dongfeng"

important news

data show that the U.S. economy has unexpectedly improved; China's economic data in April were worse than expected, indicating that the economic recovery is still weak. Local debt problems, real estate regulation and reduction of public expenditure will restrict the rebound of economic growth

retail sales in the United States unexpectedly increased by 0.1% month on month in April, with an expected decrease of 0.3%. The previous value was revised from a decrease of 0.4% to a decrease of 0.5%

China's industrial added value in April increased by 9.3% year-on-year, less than expected. In April, the retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 12.8% year-on-year, in line with expectations

China's monthly urban fixed asset investment increased by 20.6% year-on-year, less than the expected increase of 21.0%, and the previous value increased by 20.9%

private fixed asset investment increased by 23.9% year-on-year in September, 0.2 percentage points lower than that in January

glass index analysis

on the 13th, the "China glass composite index" rose 0.9 points from the previous day, "China glass price index" Rose 1.08 points, "China glass market confidence index" Rose 0.18 points. The price index rose the most, the confidence index rose slightly, and the strength of glass fundamentals to improve is still insufficient

glass spot situation

there are signs of improvement in the glass market, and the enthusiasm of local circulation channels is gradually rising. Today, some mainstream glass enterprises raised their ex factory prices by yuan/ton, resulting in better sales and reduced inventories. The high-end cathode material market is also ushering in a broad opportunity for development. Enterprises in South and central China continue to transfer out factory prices. The sales in North China are stable, the production and sales of enterprises are basically balanced, and the demand willingness of middlemen is general. The small peak season of demand has a slight driving effect on market prices, and mainstream enterprises have also increased prices to promote the development of the market. In the later stage, we will pay attention to the strength of the recovery of real demand and decide whether to continue to measure wear and tear: we will continue to be optimistic about the positive impact of this round of price rise

glass demand

in the month, China's real estate development investment increased by 21.1% year-on-year. The data shows that after the domestic real estate market withstood the suppression of the "five national policies", the investment enthusiasm has not decreased

maintain the following view: urbanization planning is in the process of soliciting opinions. Urbanization plays a positive role in promoting the reform of relevant policies, and its investment demand will play a driving role in the economy in a long period of time. Its short-term driving role in the building materials market is not obvious, but it can stimulate the adjustment of relevant industries as expected. In the medium term, it has delayed the painful adjustment of the glass industry. However, due to the elimination of backward production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction will still promote the transformation of the glass industry from extensive development to intensive development. In the short term, the positive effect of urbanization on the building materials market may only be "drawing big cakes to fight small hunger"

the rapid rise of glass prices will weaken the sales enthusiasm of fragile channels, and the traders' enthusiasm for taking goods will also decline

glass futures situation

on the 13th, the mechanical property test goods of metal castings and forgings in the glass period continued to rise sharply, and the upward trend was confirmed. Recently, attention has been paid to the breakthrough of the 60 day line. In September, the contract rose 29 yuan/ton, or 2.06%, to 1435 yuan/ton. The trading volume was slightly smaller than the previous day, with 12474 positions increased. In January, the contract rose 23 yuan/ton, or 1.61%, to close at 1456 yuan/ton. The trading volume decreased by 20% compared with the previous day, and 13522 positions were increased. Glass futures once again received strong attention from funds, and the rise seemed to be over in the future. In the short term, we focused on the breakthrough of the 60 day moving average pressure level. In the early stage, we continued to hold multiple orders, and the middle line multiple orders were appropriately reduced near the 60 day line


China's economic data in April was less than expected, but unexpectedly pushed commodity prices higher. The side reaction is that the market is optimistic about the data that rose in April compared with March, but the data shows that the expectation of economic recession may be strengthened in the second quarter. Glass price fluctuation is based on the price fluctuation of float glass, assisted by the impact of automotive glass demand. In addition, news and macro news in photovoltaic and electronic fields provide short-term market disturbance. The trigger factors of the market in the second quarter include fundamental changes and macro policy changes. Yesterday, the domestic glass market generally rose in price, the inventory of mainstream enterprises fell, and sales were good. Most enterprises raised the ex factory price to promote the development of the market. Glass futures also continued to rise, and the upward pattern did not change. On the whole, the macroeconomic trend is still worrying, but xiaoyangchun in the glass industry is stimulated by the recovery of rigid demand, and the reversal pattern of futures is established. Recently, he has paid attention to the breakthrough of the 60 line, 1470 in September and 1480 in January

investment suggestions today

development cooperation mode and specific products

appropriate reduction near the 60 lines of multiple orders in the early stage; Try the short order with the stop loss of line 60 within the day

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