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The overall profit of glass is good, and the post holiday market may pick up

recently, the spot price of glass has been depressed, and the policy is relatively good. However, the position and trading volume of glass futures have decreased to varying degrees, the capital outflow is obvious, the fundamentals are intertwined, and the direction before the holiday is difficult to determine. The short-term market is still dominated by oscillation. With the improvement of fundamentals, the post holiday glass will rebound

lower capacity utilization

under the pressure of the continuous downturn in glass prices, the cold repair production line has increased significantly since January. In January, a total of six production lines were shut down for cold repair, while only one cold repair production line resumed production in the same period, reducing the actual capacity utilization. At the end of January, the national capacity utilization rate of float glass was 74.31%, a year-on-year decrease of 8.87 percentage points, at the lowest level in history

due to the high cost of cold repair of glass production lines, the intensive cold repair of production lines to a certain extent reflects that enterprises have no profits or even lose money in production under the current price. The shutdown and cold repair will reduce the capacity utilization rate, which will play a certain supporting role in the price of glass futures, and it is difficult to resume production after the shutdown and cold repair

macro release positive

the latest official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) in January was 49.8%, down 0.3 percentage points from last month, a 28 month low. Manufacturing PMI hit a record low, indicating that the short-term performance of the manufacturing industry is still sluggish. On the other hand, monetary easing policy will be further introduced to boost economic vitality. After the central bank restarted the seven day reverse repo last week, the open market added another 28 days of reverse repo operations to stabilize the pre holiday capital, achieving a net launch for the second consecutive week

there are some positive signs in the real estate industry. In January, the housing price index of Baicheng increased by 0.2% month on month, It was the first month on month increase in nine months "In fact, the right place for garbage is the long resources. Among them, the first tier cities increased by 0.8% month on month, the second tier cities remained flat month on month, the third tier cities fell month on month, and the housing prices in the second and third tier cities remained weak. According to the tracking report of mainstream institutions, the volume and prices in the first tier cities rebounded, on the one hand, due to the recovery of the real estate market, on the other hand, due to the low sales base in the same period last year. The growth rate of commercial housing sales area is generally ahead of the growth rate of real estate investment Tensile testing machine is used to test the mechanical properties of materials, such as static load, tension, contraction, bending, shearing, peeling and so on. The leading time is about one to two quarters. At present, the real estate stock is still high. If the sales of the first tier real estate market continue to improve and radiate to the second tier cities, the real estate industry may gradually stabilize during the year

fund attention will increase

from the perspective of volume and energy, the capital outflow of the glass futures market is relatively obvious, its trading volume and position continue to decrease, profit bears begin to reduce their positions and leave the market, bulls lack confidence in the future market, and they have no intention of entering the market significantly, and both bulls and bears show insufficient confidence

in the absence of financial attention, it is difficult to have a sharp rise or fall before the glass Festival, but the financial attention will increase significantly after the festival, because glass is a seasonal industry with "warm spring and cool autumn". With the rise of temperature, construction will increase, sales will increase significantly, and its price will rise

Shahe glass prices stabilized

after frequent price reductions in various regions, Shahe glass prices stabilized in the short term, and some enterprises began to replenish their inventories. Shahe glass prices stabilized and rose, which played a positive role in the stability of the national market prices. As the largest glass distribution base in China, Shahe has 47 glass enterprises and 90 glass production lines, mainly including three production processes of float, calendering and lattice. The total production capacity of flat glass reaches 105million weight boxes, the annual coal consumption is 1.53 million tons of standard coal, and the annual emission of air pollutants is 30100 tons. Since 2014, Xingtai has thoroughly renovated the Shahe glass industry. According to the principle of shutting down a batch within a time limit, shutting down a batch within a time limit, and treating a batch within a time limit, the backward production capacity has been completely dismantled and banned, the existing excess capacity has been reduced, and the flue gas desulfurization, denitration, and dust removal transformation of glass furnaces have been carried out in an all-round way. Some backward production capacity will be eliminated, which has a certain supporting effect on prices

to sum up, with the arrival of the peak season of glass demand after the festival and the continuous release of favorable policies, glass prices are expected to rebound. Operationally, it is suggested that glass 1506 contract bargain hunting layout has multiple orders on the middle line, the target is 1050 points, and the stop loss line is set at the front line 900

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