The hottest glass has no brand, I don't think so

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No brand of glass? I don't think so

in a quite long period of visiting experience, "brand" is an entry that the glass industry does not pay much attention to. "Can glass make a brand" at present, the eyes of doubt and wait-and-see are far more than those of perseverance, and it is also one of the countries with the largest import volume of plastics and waste plastics. So, how far is glass from the brand

definition of brand

in the glass industry chain, deep processing of glass (this paper is mainly aimed at deep processing of glass, and the importance of brands such as mechanical consumables, chemical doors and windows is no doubt, which is not in the scope of discussion) pays less attention to brand construction. The process level and purpose decide that glass itself cannot bear obvious brand identity, and it is only impossible to obtain more information intuitively from the appearance. Therefore, sample processing, Hard work has become the daily work of most deep-processing enterprises. The general view is that "deep processing cannot produce a brand". Glass is only used as raw materials for the production of doors and windows or curtain walls. At best, it is only a semi-finished product. Especially in the domestic market, under the premise of similar product quality, buyers often prefer the advantage of glass price. Some companies even adopt low-cost products in order to save money without considering the brand, These factors can be considered as the reason why glass deep-processing enterprises do not pay much attention to brand building. Of course, there are also views that, in fact, most bosses know the added value of the brand and have the dream of creating their own brand, but the market environment makes them powerless

let's look at the definition of brand

brand refers to the company's name, trademarks of products or services, and other intangible assets that can be different from competitors, such as signs and advertisements, which constitute the company's unique market image. Product brand refers to two levels of meaning for products: one is the combination of product name, terminology, marks, symbols, design and other aspects; Second, it represents a series of added values of relevant products, including the benefits of function and psychology, such as the utility, function, taste, form, price, convenience, service, etc. that products can represent

this is the definition of brand. From the refined keywords "name", "product", "trademark", "symbol" and "function", it is obvious that even a small individual is unintentionally doing things about brand. Brand has always existed in our daily life, and maybe we just lack a systematic refinement to do better brand cognition

the importance of brand in bidding

does glass really need a brand? When Niu Xiao, vice president of marketing of Hefei Weidi color changing Glass Co., Ltd., threw this question to him, his answer was unequivocal, "don't agree!" He bluntly said that if there is no brand, most major projects have no chance to be shortlisted to participate in the bidding. In fact, a large amount of bidding information confirms Niu Xiao's statement

"glass products are provided by four major glass brands (Xinyi, CSG, Taibo and yaopi), and the brand, specification and model are consistent with the original glass". This is an extract from the bidding terms for suppliers in the outsourcing bidding announcement of a building curtain wall in Jiangsu Province in October this year, which is more convenient for glass replacement and maintenance, It is believed that most deep-processing enterprises have long been accustomed to this kind of similar phenomenon of making clear requirements for the "brand" of bidding units. What is more distressing is that more and more engineering projects not only define suppliers by "brand", but also delineate the list of "brands" qualified to participate in bidding. In other words, suppliers outside the brand have long lost the opportunity to compete. As for the way of bidding in the name of a designated brand and providing its own products after winning the bid, it is more wishful thinking

the threshold of major bidding projects is heavy, and another channel, the purchase of glass by door and window factories has already formed the awareness of glass brands. Choosing a fixed glass supplier will not be easy to replace. As a result, the marketing channels of glass deep-processing enterprises are further compressed. Some deep-processing enterprises can only hope to survive in the cracks of small and medium-sized engineering projects that do not have high requirements for brands or even product quality, or in the way of alternative processing. This way of survival is difficult to obtain strong cases to prove their brand value and expand their popularity, and fall into a dead circle that has no explanatory power in the face of major engineering projects

Niu Xiao, vice president of Hefei Weidi glass, revealed that brand construction is the primary goal of Weidi company in the past three years. The company will achieve the recognition of the company's brand by partners through market publicity, model projects, high-quality services, the best quality assurance and other aspects. As a smart glass enterprise with a capital injection of 79million, which was established in 2016, it is somewhat unexpected to put the brand at the top of its primary goal. As the "leader" in the glass industry, Niu Xiao's view also represents the high recognition of the importance of glass brands by industry experts

coincidentally, in 2016, when the new office building of Pengbo glass Dongguan plant was completed, when he visited chairman Zeng Chuhong, he thought that glass deep processing could make his own brand. If not, he was willing to try it first. This enterprise, which launched the commencement ceremony in Guangming New Area of Shenzhen in March 2008, has now handed over the transcripts of a series of landmark construction projects, including Shenzhen Yifang center, Baoneng center, Phoenix Island in Sanya, Shantou University and so on. Looking back on the past, Zeng Chuhong admitted that it was very difficult for enterprises outside the list to get involved in many projects when bidding. These experiences prompted him to have a deep understanding of the brand. Today, Pengbo has made some breakthroughs in the competition between some engineering projects and the two glass giants in South China, and its brand is slowly being recognized by the bidding companies in South China

GU Zeming, general manager of Guangdong Yingxing special glass technology Co., Ltd., who moved to Dongguan in 2017, also clearly pointed out the importance of brand building when the new plant was put into use, and planned to create a new entry for the "super long and ultra wide glass" that the company is good at producing, so as to brand Yingxing's symbol and leading brand popularity in the field of super large glass production. At the same time, it will also upgrade and standardize the brand's vision

with regard to brand vision, we have to mention that Xinyi Glass has formed an absolute scale strength. The billboard of green Xinyi Glass on the highway has been widely known. Under the guidance of the brand slogan "leading a new green life", Xinyi Glass takes green as the basis of brand visual identification. Whether it is brand communication or brand implementation, it embodies green in logo, packaging, products, environment and various marketing communication methods, Conveying the meaning and difference of Xinyi brand, green has already become the color that fits its brand strategic positioning, allowing customers to have specific emotional associations and desires. The brand vision of Xinyi Glass can be regarded as a model of brand building in the industry

it is not difficult to see from the importance these enterprises attach to brand construction that the recognition of brand importance in the current industry has reached an unprecedented level. For glass brands, it is no longer an evasive or irrelevant concept. As a systematic project, how to build a brand is not something that can be accomplished in a few words. However, in addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, there are many enterprises that are moving towards the brand road in their own way. Among them, giving traceable information to glass is a bold attempt

selection of motorcycle chain tensile test equipment in 2016: Dilong Glass Group and Austria lisek Group signed an agreement on the purchase of lisek intelligent glass production system, which will store the original pieces, semi-finished products, three-dimensional warehouses, cutting, punching, cleaning, drying, testing, printing, tempering, gluing The integration and connection of various glass deep-processing production processes and production equipment, such as the detection between hollow equipment, has realized the "one-stop" from the original glass to the finished building glass. It should be pointed out that the introduction of the production system will technically realize the functions of intelligent ordering in different places, real-time dynamic tracking of product information, timely delivery of orders, stable and controllable product quality, and permanent traceability of product information, so as to give glass specific "identity" information. Now the production line is about to be put into operation, paving a fast way for Longbo group's brand plan

in addition to working hard on products, there is no shortage of glass enterprises in the capital market. In July this year, Guangdong Nanliang Art Glass Technology Co., Ltd., which was approved to apply for listing in the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system, injected strong added value into brand awareness in the way of capital market operation. You know, leading companies such as CSG, Qibin, AVIC Sanxin, King Kong, Sanxia new material, Ancai high tech have long been "influential" in the capital market, and listed companies have a thunderous reputation

no matter how big a brand is, there are areas beyond its reach. It is also a common way to establish a brand by choosing a region, emphasizing regionality, and naming the brand with a regional name, so as to form a comparative advantage in a certain small area. Chen Bo, general manager of Foshan Chuangxing Glass Technology Co., Ltd. with a "service radius" layout, dispatched troops from Foshan to build a base in Guangxi as early as 2012, and quickly became a local well-known brand glass enterprise in a short time. In Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province in 2014, Ling Zhenhui, who has worked in domestic glass giant enterprises, established Ganzhou ganbo energy-saving glass Co., Ltd. and settled in Shuixi Industrial Park, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City. It also developed rapidly into a local brand in a short time, and the service radius even extended to Guangxi

in addition, Fuyao Glass, Jinjing glass, Luobo group, CSG group, Xinyi Glass, grant and other enterprises have successively obtained the collocation of foaming rate and bridging rate, which is extremely important. The Chinese well-known trademark is highly recognized by the national level for its brand, and has obtained the voice of the brand in the form of trademarks. Other enterprises with honorary titles such as provincial well-known trademarks and high-tech enterprises are also numerous. Brand enterprises that have formed absolute influence in these industries early have provided many references to enterprises committed to brand building while sharing the added value brought by the brand, especially the details beyond the scale, which are more worthy of mining by the majority of enterprises

at present, glass brand building enterprises have blossomed everywhere. Although the ways of brand building are different, there is no doubt that brand building is a step-by-step process, which needs to be accumulated continuously, and there is no one step in place or overnight success. This requires enterprises to clarify their own brand values, core ideas and other content. It is also necessary to have a systematic plan for the publicity work, because the concept of "wine is not afraid of deep alleys" can no longer adapt to the era of information explosion. Do a good job in brand planning covering all elements of the system, such as enterprise strategy, product strategy, brand positioning, product development, brand management, image planning, packaging creativity, advertising creativity, and finally capture the owner's mind with strong brand influence, which has become his best choice

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