The hottest glass futures rose and fell, and many

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Glass futures rose and fell back, and many orders fell on the market.

disk situation: the glass 1909 contract opened at 1390 yuan, with a maximum of 1392 yuan and a minimum of 1381 yuan. It is inevitable that users will not understand some application skills about the product, and the final price was 1384 yuan, which was -0.43% higher than the previous trading day. The trading volume was 159716 hands, -149686 hands, and the position was 252922, -12012 hands. The basis difference is -41 yuan, +4 yuan, and the price difference is 45 yuan, -0 yuan

news: the "China glass composite index" on May 28, 2019 was 1071.09 points, down 0.92 points from May 27, 2019 in the previous period. The "China glass price index" was 1091.45 points, down 1.13 points from May 27, 2019 in the previous period. "The market confidence index of Chinese glass mainly includes ultrasonic vibration drilling, ultrasonic vibration grinding and ultrasonic vibration milling" was 989.66 points, down 0.09 points from May 27, 2019 in the previous period

spot price: various advertising modes under the line of Hebei safe 5mm float glass are made for customers, and the ex factory price of glass is reported as 1343 yuan/ton. In East China, the ex factory price of Shandong Jurun 5mm float glass is reported as 1500 yuan/ton. In Central China, the spot price of 5mm float glass in Wuhan Changli was reported at 1383 yuan/ton

Warehouse Receipt Inventory: there are 0 registered warehouse receipts of glass in Zhengzhou stock exchange, which is +0 compared with the previous trading day

main positions: the top 20 long positions of fg1905 contract are 107254, -4965; Short positions 87243, -3952; Net position 20011, -1013

view summary: some enterprises raise the price to support the price. However, the increase of production capacity and gentle demand will put pressure on prices. Technically, the glass 1909 contract fell in shock, the trading volume shrank significantly, and the position also decreased significantly. The main positions show that the strength of long position reduction is slightly greater than that of short position reduction, and the short position strategy is dominant. In terms of indicators, MACD high dead cross, green column elongation, KDJ index has a high fall, indicating the strengthening of air power. It is expected that in the future, the test will be carried out again. First, check whether there is the support of resonance 20 day line around the experimental machine. In terms of operation, investors are advised to hold empty orders carefully

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