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Glass industry entrepreneurs visited Langjiu Co., Ltd.

recently, the glass technology Information Exchange Committee of China Light Industry Information Center organized a "study and visit delegation of domestic and foreign glass entrepreneurs to Langjiu Co., Ltd." to enter Langjiu manor for a two-day study and investigation

more than 100 glass entrepreneurs from home and abroad visited xuyonglang's high-molecular materials industry, which bears the heavy burden in the manufacturing power strategy. They also began to plan the production workshop of wine Oriental Glass Co., Ltd., Langjiu distillery workshop, tianbaofeng open-air pottery altar library, Qianyi Huixiang Valley, jinzunbao indoor pottery altar library, Tianbao cave, Dibao cave and Renhe cave in the natural wine cave group, Experienced the unique brewing secret script and process charm of Lang Liquor "production, growth, cultivation and storage", and deeply understood the two production bases of Maotai flavor and Luzhou flavor of Lang Liquor

in the production workshop of Xuyong Langjiu Oriental Glass Co., Ltd., the delegation was deeply impressed by the 5S management system promoted on site, the scientific and reasonable process layout, and the neat and orderly production scene

jiangzuming, deputy general manager of the military style department and chairman of Xuyong Langjiu Oriental Glass Co., Ltd., said that Xuyong Langjiu Oriental Glass Co., Ltd. has just entered the glass industry and is still in the initial stage in terms of industry exchange, technology research and development, mechanical intelligence and so on. The company will open its mind, rely on the platform established by the glass technology Information Exchange Committee, strengthen exchanges, learn from each other, be brave in exploration, innovation and creation, and work together to contribute to promoting the development of the industry to a higher level

"this visit and study let me open Wang Jinghai's eyes and ideas. The quality, brand, taste of Langjiu 'three grades' and the strategy of recent years, as well as the pursuit of extreme quality and extreme service, are worth learning." The members of the delegation said that the development of enterprises needs to constantly learn from the advanced, adhere to innovation, speed up the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain, transform and improve the traditional light industry with advanced information technology, and improve the competitiveness of the light industry with the "three products" strategy, which is also an important chapter of the grand blueprint of the 14th five year plan

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