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Market analysis: the competition in the beverage bottle packaging market has lasted for nearly half a century.

because plastic packaging is light, easy to transport and low cost, plastic beverage bottles have become the main packaging materials of the majority of beverage manufacturers for a time, and people seem to be gradually forgetting the application of glass bottles in the beverage packaging market. Now, people's living standards are gradually improving, and they pay more and more attention to the quality of life. In addition, recently, "plasticizer" and "bisphenol a" have been detected in plastic bottles, so glass packaging bottles can't accurately collect signals of high-speed changes in real time, and gradually find their own market in the market

first of all, people's living standards are improving, especially the number of domestic middle and high-end income groups is increasing year by year. The beverage tension wheel is set between the driving wheel and the driven wheel. In order to win this market, manufacturers have developed high-end drinks, even luxury drinks. In the high-end beverage bottle market, glass bottles have become the best choice for packaging, Plastic bottles are rarely seen in both domestic and international markets in the high-end packaging market

secondly, the "plasticizer" and "bisphenol a" waves have reduced the influence of plastic bottles in the beverage packaging market. Glass bottles have become healthy and environmentally friendly packaging materials. The trust crisis caused by plastic bottles has given glass bottles a good opportunity to develop in the beverage packaging market

therefore, Zhonghua glass believes that the dispute between glass and plastics in the beverage bottle packaging market, which has lasted for nearly half a century, will continue

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