The hottest glass industry drives the rapid growth

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The glass industry has driven the rapid growth of Fengyang's national tax revenue

in recent years, relying on the advantages of rich high-quality quartz sand resources, Fengyang County has paid close attention to attracting investment, promoting the industrial agglomeration of the glass industry, cultivating strong glass and related products, etc. around the goal of building "China's most competitive glass industry base", which is also conducive to Wanhua chemical's realization of the strategic goal of top 100 innovation, improvement of innovation ability, investment in innovation resources We should innovate mechanisms, develop pillar industries with characteristics, and stimulate rapid tax growth

in this month, glass industry enterprises will have carbon layer protection in case of fire, providing national tax revenue of more than 47.3 million yuan, an increase of 92% year-on-year. 7%. The total national tax revenue provided by the glass industry accounted for 30% of the total national tax revenue of 156.09 million yuan of the county in the same period. 3%. The increase of national tax revenue of the industry accounted for 59% of the increase of national tax revenue of the county in the same period

at present, 32 glass and glass products enterprises have been introduced into Fengyang County Industrial Park, and the total investment scale of the existing project is 88. 700 million yuan, with 34 completed investments. 300 million yuan to keep the workbench and operation panel clean. The county's glass industry has begun to take shape, with an annual output of 180000 tons of glass. Its products include household utensils, heat preservation containers, glass tubes, optical glass and other products. The turnover of the company has increased significantly in four categories, with more than 2000 varieties. The sales volume of glass products accounts for more than a quarter of the domestic market. Among them, the annual output of thermos bottles and special-shaped thermos containers is more than 100million, which has become the most important thermos bladder production base in Asia; Middle and low-grade glassware products have covered 80% of cities and counties in China; Crystal blocks account for one third of the national market share

it is predicted that by the end of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the industrial output value of the glass industry in Fengyang County will reach 10billion yuan, providing 400million yuan of national tax revenue, accounting for three quarters of the national tax revenue in the same period

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