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Uncover Fuzhou's largest polyamide integrated production base in the world

uncover Fuzhou's largest polyamide integrated production base in the world

June 30, 2017

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in Fuzhou, another "world number one" will be born

on July 1, Shenyuan phase I polyamide integrated project with an annual output of 400000 tons will be put into trial production, becoming the world's largest caprolactam and polyamide integrated production base. "The production of the project will change the situation that the surface Rockwell hardness becomes dependent on imports of high-end caprolactam products, which will greatly reduce the cost of Fuzhou textile industry and even change the pattern of domestic textile industry." Said Zeng Shaoning, manager of the safety department of Fujian Shenyuan new materials Co., Ltd

on June 27, I came to kemengang Industrial Zone in Lianjiang county to explore Shenyuan phase I. Tens of thousands of meters long pipelines meander and overlap to build an industrial "Castle" covering an area of more than 5000 mu. The workers who are ready to go are eager to make the final preparations for the trial production

Advanced: integrate a number of foreign production processes

Shenyuan project has a total investment of 40billion yuan, and plans to build a polyamide integrated project with an annual output of 1million tons. After completion, the annual output value is expected to reach 25 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue will reach 1.5 billion yuan. Zeng Shaoning introduced that this "big man" also has "great wisdom"

he told that the project uses hydrogen and phenol as the main raw materials, and the two react to produce cyclohexanone. After a series of process flows, caprolactam is produced, which can be polymerized to form polyamide. In order to achieve "double excellence" in quality and efficiency, Shenyuan integrates a number of world-class advanced manufacturing processes

introduce the phenol cyclohexanone production technology of Royal DSM company of the Netherlands and the safe and environmental friendly HPO plus technology to achieve 100% conversion without pollution, and reduce the amount of by-product ammonium sulfate, hoping to help everyone so as to improve product quality; Introduce the patented VK tubular reaction polyamide technology of Swiss wood evanda Fay to improve the market competitiveness of products, improve the scale effect of plant production, reduce production costs, reduce investment and construction costs, and reduce the emission of three wastes

environmental protection: protect the ecology and build a green factory

in order to protect the local ecology, Shen Yuan proposed the goal of building a green factory

in the south of Shenyuan factory, there is an incinerator for the treatment of three wastes. All waste gas and liquid from the factory are transported here through pipelines for incineration and converted into heat energy for recycling. "The carbon dioxide and water produced by the incineration of waste gas and waste liquid all meet the environmental protection standards. The incineration particles can be recycled and reused after being filtered by the bag filter." Zeng Shaoning said

when cyclohexanone is converted into caprolactam, it will produce by-product ammonium sulfate, so don't underestimate it. Ammonium sulfate is a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer, which will be exported to Southeast Asia for repairing and improving local alkaline land. The transportation and packaging process of ammonium sulfate adopts fully enclosed operation to ensure that it will not affect the surrounding environment

Kemen Industrial Zone, where Shenyuan project is located, has gathered many industrial enterprises. In order to achieve the same frequency resonance of economic and environmental benefits, the industrial zone has specially built a sewage treatment plant, where the waste water and waste liquid of Shenyuan project will be secondary purified

safety: 20million non-destructive safety man hours

in 2013, the construction of Shenyuan phase I was started, and the whole process adhered to European and American safety management standards. According to statistics, by the end of June, the cumulative construction of the project had reached 20million non-destructive safety man hours. "This is a great world-class record." Zeng Shaoning said

when visiting Shenyuan factory, it was found that each worker had a certain number of helmet stickers on his helmet, which were marked with words such as restricted area, high-altitude operation, admission training, etc. "A hat sticker represents that workers have been trained and are allowed to enter the corresponding area." Zeng Shaoning told that the workers in Shenyuan were strictly trained and selected. Taking welding as an example, the acceptance rate after training is less than three tenths. "In order to prevent the leakage of raw materials, we have very high requirements for continuous and complete pipeline welding in the test process. Each welding place is pasted with a QR code, and the welding information can be known at a glance and implemented to individuals."

Luo Zengchang was the monitor of the third shift of ammonium sulfate plant. On that day, he was responsible for patrol inspection in the loading and unloading area. There is a portable detector hanging on his chest with four probes, which can instantly know the content of methane, nitrogen sulfide, etc. in the air. "Once the detector gives an audible and visual alarm, we will inform personnel to evacuate upwind." It is reported that the density of production monitoring, fire control, central control and security monitoring in Shenyuan factory is less than 100 meters/piece, and each monitoring system is on duty 24 hours a day

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