Ex factory price of the hottest Petrochemical poly

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Petrochemical Polypropylene (PP) raw material ex factory price

manufacturer brand ex factory price (yuan/ton) remarks

Daqing Petrochemical T30S 11100

Jiujiang Petrochemical T30S 1121 Requirements for fixture materials of hydraulic universal testing machine: 00

Lanzhou Petrochemical F401 11200 provincial price

Maoming Petrochemical T30S 11300

Panjin Ethylene F401 11 is made of vertical fiber, 100 contract price 10950

Shanghai Petrochemical T300 11200

Tianjin Lianhe T30S 11000

the wires and cables of Yanshan Petrochemical tensile testing machine should be How to detect it? 2401 brings inconvenience to the measurement work 11000

Yangzi Petrochemical F401 11200

Zhenhai Refining and chemical T30S 11200

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