Automatic control of the hottest tracemode in flui

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Application of tracemode in the automatic control system of fluidized bed roaster system

the automatic control system of fluidized bed roaster system: it is mainly through the effective control of furnace temperature. Therefore, it is also decided to adopt the single arm type to press, so that the minerals and oxygen react at high temperature, forming smoke discharged from the upper part of the furnace. By measuring the temperature and pressure in the flue, effective impurity removal can be achieved, and finally absorbed with solution. The Department has media organizations to conduct a survey in the form of questionnaires. The PLC system of Siemens s is used as the analog acquisition workstation. At the same time, because it is widely used in data mechanics detection, it realizes the chain control of the electrical equipment of the whole process

the system structure diagram is as follows:

Figure 1

the upper computer adopts industrial control PC, trace mode communicates with s through PPI Protocol, and combines with trace mode software to realize the process monitoring of the whole process flow, data acquisition and storage, remote control of electrical equipment, display of alarms and trends, generation of page format historical reports, etc. Trace mode's exquisite drawing tool and fast system refresh cycle greatly improve the overall performance of the system

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4 inaccurate positioning

Figure 5

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