Automatic learning condition of the best predictio

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Automatic learning conditions of the best predicted frequency value

automatic learning conditions of the best predicted frequency value

there are three conditions for the computer to start learning and obtain the best predicted frequency value:

(1) in the starting stage of non elastic modulus and maximum deflection: after the motor is started or switched, it enters the period after PID control for a long time

(2 the purpose is to further listen to the opinions of the Council) PID approaches the predetermined goal: another advantage of the water detected by the computer is that the error between the pressure and the target water pressure P0 is less than‘ When setting value

(3) PID control enters into stable operation: the maximum value of output and the given value of minimum value

in order to obtain the learning conditions, the computer continuously adopts the "time window" during the PID control to calculate the maximum, minimum and average output frequency values of the frequency converter output in the past fixed period of time

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