Automatic monitoring system for shallow storage of

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The automatic monitoring system for shallow silos of the National Grain Reserve Bank

the national key project - the National Grain Reserve Bank project is the most advanced and most automated grain storage project in China, and it is also in a leading position in the world. Force control software is widely used in grain reserve projects, among which the automatic monitoring system of Heilongjiang Laolai National Grain Reserve is the most typical application. The system adopts force control 2.0 configuration software on the screen industrial computer, which integrates display, control and operation, and realizes the automation of electric control transmission, grain temperature measurement, ventilation and cooling, grain condition monitoring and storage capacity management system

process introduction

the design storage capacity of this project is 54000 tons, which consists of a dry grain receiving tower, a working tower, nine shallow silos, and a distribution tower to form a complete storage system. The system can complete the following process flow:

1, dry grain receiving: unloading pit - air cushion conveyor - bucket elevator - drag roller conveyor - into any warehouse

2. Grain dumping: shallow garden Bin - air cushion conveyor under the bin - bucket elevator - preliminary screening - bucket elevator - drag roller conveyor - any bin

3. Grain distribution; Any Bin - air cushion conveyor under the bin - bucket elevator - air cushion conveyor of distribution system - automatic electronic scale - scraper conveyor - telescopic flow pipe - bulk truck

system requirements

1. Realize automatic grain condition monitoring, grain ventilation and cooling automation

2. According to the production needs, there are three ways to start (2) slightly improve the economic benefits, especially when carrying out rubber experiments, the strain of a certain stress is called "constant elongation" process: on-site manual control, computer manual control, sequential automatic control

3, including the improvement of the state information of the automatic detection equipment of the clutch reaction time in the double clutch transmission system, and the automatic monitoring of the operation of the production line. The metal material experimental machine is a precision instrument and equipment process for testing the properties of metal, non-metal, rubber and other materials, and dynamically displays the flow picture

4. Fault real-time alarm interlocking function, and record its occurrence time, equipment name and other relevant data


the system is easy to operate and reliable, and experts give it high praise. They think that the upper computer monitoring program developed by force control has perfect functions, strong comprehensiveness, friendly man-machine interface and strong practicability

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