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Automatic measurement control circuit of simple double mouth packer

at present, the cement packaging of small cement enterprises in many places mostly adopts simple double mouth packer and visual measurement with platform scale. The bag weight deviation is large, the qualification rate is low, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the hourly output is also very low. The automatic measurement control circuit designed in this paper can achieve the automation of packaging and measurement, improve the qualified rate of bag weight and the output per hour, and the transformation investment cost is only a few hundred yuan

the simple double nozzle packaging machine controls the swinging material valve through the handle, so that the No. 1 nozzle and No. 2 nozzle discharge materials in turn for packaging. After transformation, xinliyi won the bid in many Taiwan materials. The traction electromagnet drives the handle to act. Through the metering reed switch and control circuit installed on the scale arm, the working conditions of No. 1 nozzle, 1 FRP tensile testing machine and No. 2 nozzle discharge automatic metering conversion are realized

its working process is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

first set the scale to the bag weight quantitative position. When the line is connected, if the electromagnet Mq1 is sucked in first, pull the handle to make the feeding valve close the No. 2 nozzle, open the No. 1 nozzle, and measure the cement packaging. When 2 In order to lift the pound ruler when the operator's own safety bag weight meets the requirements (such as 50kg), the magnet installed on the pound ruler makes the dry reed switch on. Through the control circuit, the electromagnet Mq1 is powered off and released, mq2 is powered on and closed, pull the handle to make the feeding valve close the No. 1 nozzle, open the No. 2 nozzle for cement packaging and measurement, and the cement packaged at the No. 1 nozzle can be unpacked (the dry reed switch is disconnected after unpacking, and the working state of the circuit will not be changed). When the weight of the cement bag packed in the No. 2 nozzle meets the requirements, the reed is connected for the second time, and the control circuit turns over, repeating the above process. In this way, the automation of packaging measurement can be realized. In the whole process, operators only need to insert bags, take off bags and calibrate scales regularly. If the counter and unpacking mechanical device are installed, the whole process automation of packaging, metering, output accumulation and unpacking can be realized. After transformation, the control accuracy can reach ± 0.4KG, and the qualified rate of bag weight can reach 95%. By properly reforming the transmission device and increasing the speed of the packaging machine, the hourly output can be increased

figure 2

automatic metering control circuit, as shown in Figure 2

bg1 and bg5 form two electronic switches with J1 and J2. BG2 and the clarinet form a trigger signal circuit. Each time the clarinet is connected, an electrical signal is generated, which is added to the input end of the bistable circuit composed of BG3 and BG4 through C3. This bistable circuit can control the introduction direction of the trigger signal, so that it is added to the base of the on tube every time, not to the base of the cut-off tube. Assuming that BG3 is turned off and BG4 is saturated, at this time, BG1 base is turned on through R6 and R1, relay J1 is pulled in, driving electromagnet Mq1 to work, while the collector and base potential of BG4 tube are close to zero. When the trigger signal is added, diode D8 is turned on, making the circuit quickly turn over to BG3 saturation and BG4 is turned off. At this time, bg5 base is turned on through R7 and R11, and relay J2 is pulled in, driving electromagnet mq2 to work, BG1 base is cut off due to reverse bias. Environmental protection industry and products have become an important direction of China's economic development. J1 is released and Mq1 does not work. Therefore, every time the reed is connected, the circuit will turn over, and the electromagnets Mq1 and mq2 work interchangeably. (end)

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