Automatic fire alarm system of Baoan Sports Center

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Bao'an sports center automatic fire alarm system

I. General introduction

"1.1 project overview

" Bao'an sports center is a modern building with large scale, complete facilities and advanced technology. She will undertake domestic and international large-scale exhibitions, conferences, performances, as well as media and broadcasting

<1.2 scope of work

II. System description

? 2.1 overview

? For the building, it is necessary to set up a set of advanced and large-scale "centralized decentralized" (hereinafter referred to as distributed) automatic fire alarm control system. It can not only fully ensure fire safety, but also facilitate the collection of data and the improvement of management

"automatic fire detection, control and alarm system must have the function of" renewable network ". The so-called regenerative network system refers to that when the host or communication line fails, the system can automatically form a new network (the aspiration of people in the era of sub network and object connection is that millions of terminals are all connected), so as to ensure the normal operation of the system to the greatest extent, so as to greatly improve the reliability of the system. The simplex4120 network system used in this project can fully meet the above requirements

"this project adopts truealarm intelligent detectors with U.S. patented technology. Each intelligent detector can automatically adjust the alarm limit and sensitivity at different times according to its own environmental conditions, so as to prevent false positives; When the environment is too bad to continue compensation, the intelligent detector can automatically report to the control panel (such as cleaning, etc.). The intelligent detector can be set to store a preset pre alarm value, which can warn the on-site personnel to evacuate in time before the system executes the linkage action

<2.2 network and system description

<2.2.1, 4120 network

"4120 network adopts the latest technology of peer-to-peer protocol, combined with simplex's proprietary truealarm intelligent fire detection system, to form the most advanced network fire alarm control system. Each control panel directly communicating with the 4120 network is defined as a node. The network node can be the full-function 4120 system fire alarm control panel (FACP), 4120 series network display unit (NDU), 4120 network processing. Therefore, all the tested are fixed error units (NPU), 4120 graphic command center (GCC) or 4120 series multi-function extension (UT). Although they have different functions, they have the same status in network communication. Each node in the network has its own independent processor (CPU) and memory system (RAM), which can realize independent fire alarm control function in case of network communication failure. When multiple communication failures occur, network nodes automatically perform the system "reorganization function" to generate some "sub networks", which will maintain communication between these nodes. After the communication fault is eliminated, the system will automatically restore the original function, so FRP also needs time to design to form a maximum range of regenerative information sharing network. When any node of the network fails, the node will be automatically shielded by the network system without any impact on other parts of the network. The network can realize distributed management, and can conveniently realize the two-level management of the building complex, namely, fire center management and regional management

"in order to achieve and ensure the reliability of the network, the requirements for simplex to develop and adopt the control method of the independent experimental machine are almost all communication protocols for speed control. The simple 4120 system adopts NFPA 72 Style 7 operation mode and can be connected through three different communication media. NFPA 72 Style 7 operation mode must maintain normal operation and ensure network communication when the first fault occurs on the network communication circuit. For example: open circuit, short circuit and grounding of trunk line

"simple 4120 network provides three communication media: EIA RS-485, optical fiber and modem, and the communication output is 57.6 K or 9600 bit/s. The longest distance of RS-485 communication used in this project is 5200 meters (using #18awg copper wire) or 3600 meters (#24awg)

 some points that need to be monitored and controlled by the network system are defined as "common points" and set on their corresponding nodes. In the multi network control panel structure, through appropriate software settings, under the premise of being an independent control panel, some unique properties of the other panel can be used at the same time. Because each control panel is independent and complementary to each other, this 4120 network is called "shared" network. The structure of the ring network (i.e. the wiring mode of style 7) further improves the safety of the network. At the same time, the equipment components provided by simplex have the functions of line short-circuit and open circuit monitoring and protection. GCC can be set to display different common points. These common points may be in key positions, and their status should be regarded as public information. In this way, the emergency operation command can be sent out by the control panel with the best view to these key positions. When a node fails, another node can operate on its behalf

 4120 network system functions can be evenly distributed among different network node hosts, which can realize network management, network time synchronization and event recording, and control broadcasting and system

 the 4120 network system is quite convenient in expansion. Just add the corresponding network node extension and network display control workstation. The 4120 network can be expanded to 99 network nodes and 50000 points at most

 the simple 4120 network system has the patrol function. The network system automatically detects all components on the network in real time according to the preset program, and reports the working status of peripherals every 4 seconds. When an abnormal state is detected, the control panel of the network system will display an audible and visual alarm signal, and display the name, address and fault type of the faulty equipment, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair

"in addition to the urban connection node, the 4120 network can be easily connected with bas through RS-232C interface, and the control module can be designed to cut off the non fire power supply in case of fire

simplex 4120 network

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