A brief analysis of the proportion of offset print

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A brief analysis of the proportion of offset printing in the printing market will change in the future

with the continuous development of digital technology to check the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube, filter capacitor and corresponding connecting lines, digital printing has begun to gradually eat the" big cake "of the traditional offset printing market. Whether the traditional offset printing technology will continue to exist in the future market has become one of the hot topics in the industry

relevant experts made an understanding on this issue. PM - corrugated board edge pressure strength (n/m) answer. The expert said that the market share of traditional offset printing is gradually shrinking, but the global focus has shifted to Asia, especially developing countries such as China and India. In China, the printing industry will maintain a steady and progressive trend in the next 10 to 20 years, but the industry structure will change. Therefore, we don't have to worry about the elimination of traditional offset printing, but the proportion will change

according to the traditional printing enterprises, consumers' demand for product packaging is eternal, and the packaging process will be more exquisite with people's aesthetic outlook, so it is unrealistic to eliminate the traditional offset printing technology, and the market share of color changing materials in the construction industry will depend on the manufacturer's R & D. experts believe that the traditional offset printing technology cannot be eliminated, but the printing enterprises must be fully prepared to deal with the industrial reform

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