Automatic control system of regenerative heating f

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Automatic control system of regenerative heating furnace in iron and steel works

I. overview plastic containers of EVOH can replace glass and metal containers

automatic control system of regenerative heating furnace in iron and steel works includes preheating, heating, soaking, furnace pressure/exhaust gas temperature control, exhaust gas temperature control, a total of five links, through computer control, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

second, the composition of the control system

the whole system can be divided into two layers: the monitoring management layer and the field measurement and control layer. The monitoring management layer is composed of two local node upper computers. Thirty two instruments are responsible for field data acquisition and control in the field measurement and control layer. This system adopts Shanwu SDC series instruments. The century star monitoring configuration software of the upper computer uses the driver Shanwu SDC series to obtain the field data from the RS485 bus to complete the monitoring and control of the equipment

see the following figure for details:

III. software structure of the monitoring system

the software structure part includes Windows2000 operating system and upper computer monitoring software

1. The upper computer monitoring software

the hardness near the century star blade configuration software is a large-scale application software based on windows 98/nt/2000 developed by Beijing shijijianuo Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates control technology, human-machine interface technology, graphics technology, database technology, network technology, including dynamic display, alarm, trend, control strategy, control network communication and other components, providing a friendly user interface, Users can generate corresponding application software according to actual production needs

3. Graphical interface development program

the graphical interface development program is composed of Century Star Development System (csmaker) and Century Star operation system (csviewer). The high accuracy of painting and measurement application provides all the functions that need to make real-time pictures, such as graphics, text, data, animation and chart tools. Users can organize the pictures according to the actual production needs. The screen display provides users with commands to establish contact with the diagram, and users can use a variety of methods to operate the screen. The main pictures developed in this system are:

(1) overall flow chart of regenerative heating furnace

(2) preheating and forging diagram of regenerative heating furnace



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