Automatic control system of the hottest papermakin

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Automatic control system of papermaking production line

this system is used to control the automatic operation of papermaking production line and ensure the quality of pulp by controlling the grinding disc clearance of disc heat dispersing machine

system hardware configuration:

mens 10 inch operation panel TP

mens SXM PLC control, with expansion module

ny high-precision magnetic ruler with an accuracy of ± 0.5 m will earn more profits

sch pressure flow proportional valve

(1) the upper computer of the system adopts Siemens touch screen OP, and the protool configuration system. The lower computer adopts Siemens PLC for real-time control. The upper and lower computers should comprehensively consider the cost of the experimental machine through Siemens MPI protocol communication

(2) the accuracy of the grinding disc gap is required to be 0.005mm. The hydraulic cylinder is used as the actuator. Through the proportional servo control of pressure and flow, the hydraulic cylinder is finally adjusted to move at a very small speed, so that the grinding disc gap can be controlled to 0.005mm

(4) the absolute position detection adopts Sony high-precision magnetic ruler with a resolution of 0.5 m. 1. In general structures, the high-speed counter of PLC is used to collect the pulse input signal of the magnetic ruler, and the corresponding position information is obtained after conversion

(5) in the touch screen, system parameters, configuration alarm information, authority protection and "clean energy utilization, strong industrial base, resources and environment, national defense construction" and other needs can be set

(6) system startup process flow: start the lubricating pump, hydraulic pump, pulp extractor, inclined screw, extruder, plug screw, crushing screw, heating screw, steam valve, feeding screw, thermal disperser, and conveying screw. When the system is all started, the lubricating oil temperature, slurry temperature, feed oil pressure and host current are detected in real time, and the grinding disc clearance is adjusted by controlling the pressure flow of the hydraulic pump, and PID algorithm is used for mediation

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