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Automatic loading and unloading robot of engine shell

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the automatic loading and unloading robot of engine shell through two application examples

Keywords: Cartesian coordinate robot, machine tool loading and unloading robot, automatic engine shell loading and unloading robot

Preface: the upper bar body and cylinder block of the engine are relatively heavy, so it is a very cumbersome work to transport them to the tooling of the workbench of the machining center and the processed cylinder block during machining. Robots are used at home and abroad to complete the automatic loading and unloading of the cylinder block. Hyundai Motor Engine suppliers in South Korea require that the total time to remove the processed cylinder block and then install another cylinder block to be processed on the tooling should not exceed 14 seconds. Moreover, the stability of the robot must be very high, and almost no fault is allowed in the work all year round, so as to ensure that the production cannot be affected. After both parties have communicated the technical details and signed the technical agreement, the first of the four production lines must be completed within 60 days. In the world, only DMT company can fully meet the requirements of manufacturers to obtain contracts. DMT successfully completed the turnkey project of the first production line in 60 days. As the exclusive partner of DMT in China, Shenyang Rheinland electromechanical Co., Ltd. is willing to work with DMT to introduce their successful experience to Chinese users. Next, we will introduce the loading and unloading production line of DMT engine

I. loading and unloading robot of engine cylinder

it is required to use one robot to load and unload four machining centers at the same time. Remove the cylinder block on the workbench tooling and replace it with the cylinder block to be processed within 14 seconds after the door of the machining center is opened. The whole system also has blank cylinder feeding line and blanking line, which work automatically. The running speed of the horizontal axis is 2 meters/second, while the running speed of the upper and lower axes should reach 1 meter/second

Figure 1 and Figure 2 are the photos of robots and parts to be grasped at the work site respectively. The overall length of the horizontal motion axis is 50 meters, and the sp300 model linear motion unit is adopted. The servo motor and reducer are used as the drive, and the gear rack transmission is used. Due to the large weight and volume of the shell, it is not suitable to adopt the double handed claw structure with a single up and down motion axis. In order to ensure the unloading beat of 14 seconds, the mode of double Z-axis and two handed claw is adopted. The model of the two z axes is ap200. They move horizontally with the X axis together, but they can move vertically alone. If you want to know the specific technical data of sp300 and ap200, please contact Shenyang Rhine electromechanical Co., Ltd

Figure 3 is the scene photo of the robot for automatic loading and unloading of the lighter engine shell. The whole robot has a total length of 25 meters, which can load and unload four machine tools respectively. It also adopts the H-type double z-axis two handed claw structure. Due to its light weight, ap160 is selected for the z-axis. In terms of mechanical strength and handling capacity, the drive can establish macro-control and market regulation mechanism, and a large margin is left in the ratio of moment of inertia to ensure that the robot has good rigidity, high strength, stable operation at high and low speeds, and will not shake and crawl during acceleration and deceleration. Since the structure and working process of the two robots are almost the same, I will introduce some main parts

robot gripper:

due to the special uneven shape of the engine block surface, large stroke pneumatic double finger gripper is used. When the gripper is closed, the fingers can hook the grooves on both sides of the engine block to increase the friction coefficient, so as to ensure that the bar can be grasped and moved smoothly, and ensure its azimuth accuracy. Hook the engine block through the grooves on both sides, and the phenomenon of sliding during clamping will not occur

the gripper is equipped with a clamping position sensor, a gripper opening position sensor and a shell sensor in the gripper. Ensure the reliability of grasping and dropping parts. At the same time, the gripper has an air cut-off protection mechanism to ensure that the power is cut off. When the air is cut off, it can hold more than 100000 foam granulation machines for a period of time to hold the cylinder block, so as to prevent the cylinder block from suddenly falling from the gripper

control experimental machine industry has developed several 10-year systems in China:

the control systems of two kinds of engine shell loading and unloading robot systems adopt Siemens' numerical control system, Siemens' servo motor and torsional Carter's precision planetary reducer. The whole control system has the functions of automatic operation, manual operation, teaching operation, diagnosis function, single step operation, etc. It is not only highly reliable, but also convenient for adjustment and programming. The sensors made in Germany are used, and there are sensors at some key positions to ensure that there will be no movement, collision, etc. The whole set of movements strictly rely on sensor signals. Some movements can only be carried out when there are sensor signals. The interlocking of some movements can be realized to ensure absolute safety and long-term reliable work

automatic oiling pump

because the loading and unloading robot must run at high speed, work efficiently and at high frequency day and night for a long time, and the sliding blocks of horizontal and vertical axes, gear racks must be periodically and quantitatively oiled. Only in this way can the robot run at high speed, low noise and long term

safety protection channel

the horizontal axis and vertical axis of the loading and unloading robot move at high speed for a long time to quickly grasp the newly processed parts. At this time, there is cutting fluid on the shell. Without protection, it will splash all around. The safety protection channel is a U-shaped steel plate, which is installed under the x-axis and under the z-axis. The safety protection channel only moves up and down the gripper above the machine tool workbench. A window is left at the place where the blank is grasped and the shell is placed to ensure that the Z-axis and gripper can only move up and down at a specific position. This can not only prevent the splashing of cutting fluid, collect and guide cutting fluid, but also protect the machine tool from the damage caused by robot misoperation and parts falling off

overhaul and maintenance channel

in order to ensure that the loading and unloading robot can work stably and reliably for a long time, the robot should be inspected, protected and maintained periodically. The horizontal motion axis of the robot truss and the door is usually very high, and the highest end of the up and down motion axis may be more than 5 meters high. For the maintenance plan, a maintenance and repair channel with guardrail, which is almost the same length as the robot and about 1 meter wide, is installed behind the robot truss. So that maintenance personnel can walk on it. For the convenience of maintenance personnel, ladders are usually equipped at both ends

loading and unloading process

when we want to load and unload a machine tool, we can use one Z-axis and gripper to grasp the raw material, the other Z-axis and the gripper are in the idle state, and the whole manipulator is in the state of waiting for the machine tool signal. After the manipulator receives the signal that the machine door is opened in place, the idle gripper of the manipulator moves to the top of the processed cylinder block, and then descends and grabs the processed cylinder block. Then quickly rise above the airport door and move a small distance to quickly lower the z-axis holding the blank and place the blank bar body on the tooling of the workbench. Z futures of empty gripper: the narrow amplitude oscillation shaft of coke 1601 quickly rises to the outside of the protective cover of the machine tool, informing the machine tool to close the door and start processing. Take down the whole bar body, replace it with a new blank cylinder body, and the time for the gripper to move out of the protective cover of the machine tool is less than 14 seconds. This completes the blanking and loading process. Then put the newly removed cylinder block on the next station for processing of the next process or move it to the blanking place. This completes all the loading and unloading processes of a machine tool. Since a robot loads and unloads multiple machine tools at the same time, the whole loading and unloading process of any machine tool cannot be completed in more than 30 seconds

II. Summary and outlook

the above cases are only two kinds of engine shell loading and unloading robots produced by DMT company, a partner of Shenyang Rhine electromechanical Co., Ltd., for Hyundai Motor in South Korea. DMT also provides crankshaft and gearbox automatic loading and unloading robots for Hyundai and Kia. DMT company provides loading and unloading, high-speed handling and automatic production lines for major enterprises such as Doosan machine tool, Samsung heavy industry, general Daewoo, POSCO, Renault Samsung, Dalin motor, etc. A display robot with a high-speed handling capacity of 2 seconds per second and a weight of 3 tons is customized for Samsung. It has been running smoothly at the designed speed and pace for a year. DMT has defeated almost all European and Japanese competitors in South Korea and occupied almost all important users' handling, loading and unloading robot projects. DMT has become the only robot supplier for several large enterprises such as Hyundai and Kia and their supporting suppliers. During the training of Shenyang Rhine electromechanical company, general manager Zhao of DMT company said that "if our robot breaks down for half an hour in a few years, it will be disastrous for the manufacturer, and we must achieve zero failure for many years". This sentence deeply shocked all employees of Rheinland Electromechanical. From this sentence, we understand why Samsung's display can be made the best in the world. Shenyang Rheinland electromechanical Co., Ltd. cooperates closely with German enterprises, not only to sell their products, but also to learn from their hard-working spirit of being very strict, meticulous and dedicated to becoming the world's first in the industry. Influenced by Neugart of Germany, bergerlahr, DMT of South Korea and other companies, Rheinland Electromechanical is determined to do a good job of rectangular coordinate robots wholeheartedly. Shenyang Baige robot is determined to produce trouble free rectangular coordinate machine human products for many years. Stability, reliability, high quality and high reliability are our goals, and robots are our cause. Today, we can provide users with various handling and stacking, destacking, special welding (intersecting line), grinding and polishing, grinding and deburring, chamfering, spot gluing robots, small automatic production lines and various machine tool loading and unloading robots. Please contact us if you need detailed information and communication. (end)

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