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Due to the influence of historical process conditions, some old shaft kiln enterprises cannot better judge the running direction of the distributor when promoting closed door calcination, which is very likely to cause abnormal kiln conditions such as partial fire in the kiln, and opening and closing the kiln door too much is very likely to damage the thermal system in the kiln. The display introduced in this paper can solve the above problems

1. The structure

shaft kiln automatic distribution display (hereinafter referred to as the display) is shown in Figure 1

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figure 1

2 The control circuit forms the array principle like a matrix

the magnetic hole switch composed of permanent magnet and reed tube controls the LED circuit. When the magnet turns to the top of the clarinet in a certain direction, the clarinet turns on the circuit it controls, and the LED lights up. Because the tongue spring of the reed is magnetic, when the magnet is above the reed, the upper and lower reeds are attracted to each other, so that the contact is closed and the line is connected

3. Make

clarinets and light-emitting diodes arranged on the base plate and indicator board at a certain distance. The number can be determined according to actual needs, and the wiring is from the back

use No. 8 lead wire or white iron sheet to fold into an iron sleeve according to the size of the magnet to wrap the permanent magnet firmly and bind it to the cylindrical power rod (cloth chute rotating shaft)

adopt bicycle flywheel and chain (or self-made gear) transmission, and install the flywheel on the driving shaft and the driven shaft respectively

the power supply can be supplied by dry batteries, or a rectifier circuit can be made (the withstand voltage of LED should be considered)

make a wooden box. If it is an iron box, consider insulation, and put the outdoor device inside to prevent dust, moisture and corrosion (see Figure 2)

figure 2

and ensure smooth processing 4 Installation and commissioning

just fix the outdoor part of the display device at a place suitable for development in the direction of high-end, differentiation and high added value, and connect the driving wheel and the driven wheel with a chain. The electrical control part only needs to be connected according to figure 1. The outdoor device shall be installed on site, and the display device shall be placed in the place where the pyrotechnics can be seen

precautions during production:

1 Due to the large number of wiring, it should be carefully checked during welding to prevent wrong connection and false display

2. When bending the clarinet, the bending point should be 3 ~ 4 mm away from the root, and when bending, clamp the root of the outgoing line close to the glass tube with a sharp mouth to prevent damage to the clarinet

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